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This list of acne skin tips will be sure to help you in your quest to end acne and gain young looking skin.

  • Teenage girls may find acne appears with each menstrual cycle. It has also been found to substantially worsen during pregnancy. One defense for these conditions is the use of all-natural progesterone creams. These products have recently been highlighted as a result of several medical studies showing that replacement estrogens, which are typically used during menopause, also have a significant side benefit of clearing up monthly acne episodes..
  • Most long-term severe sunburn symptoms occur during youth, making it critically important to protect the skin from burning in early years. The damage can last a lifetime and cause more serous skin issues later in life.
  • Research indicates Vitamin C, E, and Zinc are also supportive in protecting the body both before and after exposure to the sun. Work is underway with natural supplements to combat the effects of sunburn and aging, these include potent plant antioxidants. The major products are as follows, Silymarin, which is milk thistle extract. Soy Isoflavones (specifically Genistein and Gaidzen), which have collagen synthesis effect; and Tea Polypheois (typically known as Green Tea).
  • As a rule of safety, whenever the first tingling or redness appears, it is a signal to immediately get out of the sun. Medical references site the application of cold water compresses as the first line of defense to these areas of exposure. Corticosteroid tablets can help relieve the inflammation and pain quickly. The skin itself starts the healing process within a few days but complete healing often takes weeks. It is thought that lower leg sunburn, particularly sunburned shins, is the most uncomfortable and slowest to heal. Obviously, surfaces that get little to no sun exposure, can get burned the worst and the quickest because they contain little pigment. If the skin is damaged due to sunburn, the skin is susceptible to infection as burned skin makes a poor barrier to penetrating or topical infections. If an infection develops, it can be slow to heal or even dangerous. In the healing process, the burned skin actually peels, leaving the newly exposed layer extremely thin and initially very sensitive to sunlight. This condition may last for weeks or even months.
  • The final key to looking younger, reversing aging, and promoting beautiful skin is water. Water has an affect on how your body operates on a molecular level and how the molecular structures within the body relate to each other. Interestingly, a human being can live with no food for up to two months, however, without water, death would occur in days. Water aids significantly in digestion and metabolism, it maintains the body’s temperature, and keeps the joints well lubricated. Primarily, it washes out toxins and impurities and is the key factor in how the liver filters waste from the blood. Blood is actually 50% water. An alarming trend is 75% of Americans are severely dehydrated and even mild dehydration slows the metabolism rate by up to 5%. The University of Washington study indicates 8-10 glasses of water daily provides the optimum level for healthy living. 
  • Advanced face creams actually reverse the visible signs of aging with Generation III technology. It is quickly absorbed, protecting the skin, leaving it soft, radiant and resilient. These products (Delicate Face Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, DNA Repair Crème, Anti-Aging Serum, and Advanced Face Cream) can be found at www.ihdistribution.com
  • Dry itchy skin is a common complaint.
  • The key to staying beautiful and maintaining that wonderful, youthful appearance is to start as early as possible. Nutritional intake is critical, sadly most people who end up in nursing homes today did not start at all or soon enough to overcome the anti-aging forces we all face. 

Acne Skin Facts

FACT: Without estrogen, the body tissues lose elasticity and shrink. A common complaint is you feel like your skin is crawling or it becomes sweaty and hot. There is an increased sensitivity to the sun, problem with teeth such as bleeding gums, lose teeth, and the eyes may be dry and itchy.

FACT: Estrogen is a hormone that is circulated in the blood and affect both the well being and general state of health.

FACT: Menopause is triggered by hormonal changes in the endocrin system. FACT: The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates (the father of medicine) was the first to describe menopause, which he put at the age of 50.

FACT: A blood test called the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) can reveal the arrival of menopause. The common medical response to menopause and estrogen loss is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). HRT is a synthetic form that acts as a replacement for the natural hormone, estrogen, which the body produced in higher levels prior to menopause. An all-natural progesterone cream can be found at www.ihd.myarbonne.com

The major factors from a recent study that provide the opportunity to reduce the effects of aging are the following:

  • Physical exercise – must be doing both enough exercise and exercising with enough intensity. Try to build up gradually to 45 minutes of aerobic activity daily, at least every other day. A heart rate monitor is useful to understanding the level the heart is being exercised. In order to keep the body as youthful as possible, mass muscle needs to be retained which means weight training 3 times per week.
  • Dietary – reduce the intake of animal protein and increase the consumption of cold water fish, protein supplements may be used as needed. At least 45 grams of fiber daily are recommended. Eat your broccoli! At least 3 servings of a cruciferous vegetable daily (brussel sprouts, cabbage, or cauliflower). Olive oil should be used for cooking purposes.
  • Hydration – ½ gallon of water and juices taken daily. Reduce caffeine, soda, and any beverages with sugar or sugar derivatives.
  • Supplements – most important B Complex, garlic, lecithin, vitamins A, D, E, & C, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Detoxification – over the years, unhealthy levels of toxin accumulate in our systems. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life today toxic substances are routinely in our food, water, and air. An easy solvent to get started is a solution of 1 gallon filtered water, 1/8 cup hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup apple cider vinegar. Be sure and wash all fruits and vegetables in this solution before eating.
  • Stress Reduction – If you’re under continuous stress, it’s not a matter of if you get sick, it’s a matter of when. You can only be happy if you think happy thoughts, angry if you think angry thoughts. Reduce stress all day, every day.

Some tips for scar management and minimizing scarring:

DON’T wipe fresh wounds with hydrogen peroxide. The bubbles make is feel like something good is happening, but hydrogen peroxide actually destroys new skin cells that immediately begin to grow.

DO cover a cut. The old wives tale about allowing a “fresh” cut to breathe will actually not support rapid healing. A covered cut actually heals by as much as 50% faster. The moisture that builds up in a covered cut prevents formation of a hard scab, which acts as a barrier to the growth of new skin. The covering should be changed daily and an antibiotic ointment, which also prevents infection, actually speeds up skin’s repair. After a week, replacing antibiotic cream with petroleum jelly keeps the skin soft, allowing it to grow optimally.

DON’T fall for the tale about treating with Vitamin E. A major study at the University of Miami has shown putting liquid Vitamin E on a wound actually impairs healing.

DO apply constant pressure on a fresh wound with a sterile bandage or silicone sheeting pad. Constant pressure actually helps to flatten the skin on both sides of a wound to reduce scarring.

DON’T expose new scars to the sun. UV rays are detrimental to the healing process and actually cause skin discoloration, which highlights the scar. Always cover a scar or healing wound or use a premium broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

More acne skin tips

  • Do you know why cosmetics with mineral oils, sticky waxes, petroleum, and alcohols are harmful? They are harmful because, by their molecular structure, they are occlusive, which means the goodness or natural herbal benefits cannot enter your skin because it cannot penetrate the barrier created by the oil, so instead the harmful effects are actually absorbed.
  • Do you know why pH balance is important? Skin care products that are not pH balanced actually strip your skin of its natural protection. We have a protective coating with a pH level of 5.5. Anything more or less disrupts the natural balance. DANGER: If harsh non-balanced product strip the coating the skin may be dry and susceptible to unwanted bacteria.
  • Skin is actually the first visible exhibit of what the aging process is doing to us. Professional skin care can erase the visible signs of the aging process. Skin care is of the utmost importance in keeping that beautiful, healthy, and young appearance we desire.


We hope these acne skin tips are helpful to you. Cosmetics that are all-natural and selected based on carefully blended formulation clearly matching our specific skin care needs are required. Skin care is also enhanced by avoiding the sun or being careful to cover the skin or use appropriate SPF sun lotion.

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