Got Acne? Try a Sensitive Skin Care Product!

Sensitive skin care products may be the answer to problem acne.  Before using  sensitive skin care products, always keep the skin clean.  Most sensitive skin care products work best when purified water – at least 64 ounces per day – is consumed.  To supercharge skin care products, get plenty of sleep (experts recommend 7-8 hours daily).  The final step to fully optimizing sensitive skin care products is to eat healthy.  Eat as many servings of colored foods daily as current dietary guidelines recommend.

A major source of irritation to acne is sun. Be sure to always use sensitive skin care products that have at least SPF 15 sun protection. If acne is particularly swollen or painful, inflammation can be reduced by applying an icepack for 5 minutes per session during the course of the day.

The use of an all-natural sensitive skin care products, such as aloe vera, can be especially beneficial to heal problem acne. The pulp of an aloe vera plant can actually be used as a gentle skin cleanser. Use sensitive skin care products, such as an all-natural tea tree oil, twice daily using a cotton ball or Q-Tip after a gentle cleanser. Another all-natural sensitive skin care product is organic burdock. It can be used as a skin wash or as a sensitive skin care product on its own. Burdock is the most frequently used natural herb to treat sensitive skin or acne.

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