Skincare Routine: Everything You Need To Know

Every season affects skin differently. Winter tends to be drying. Spring and summer bring on the sweat and, when combined with layers of sunscreen, the skin’s pores suffocate under all the moisture and SPF. Skin needs treatments that help counteract the damage of the weather—including the cold, sun, heat, and humidity (or lack thereof).

Now, the flowers are in full bloom for spring, your skin may be irritated from the increased allergens, and might be itching for a change in beauty treatments. Look to your skin for gentle guidance on what it needs. As the largest organ on your body, we need to protect and pamper delicate skin.

When weather changes wear down the skin, it’s time to re-evaluate beauty routines. Massive changes in skincare might do more harm than good but make little adjustments to ensure that the skin receives the nourishment it needs to look great and stay healthy.

For beauty novices, try these tricks and tips to help skin weather the storms of the seasons:

Winter & Fall:

The cold tends to dry out skin and cause redness and chafing. Look to gentle moisturizers to bring back hydration. If skin is oily, opt for oil-free products. However, if the skin is excessively dry, invest in heavier moisturizers. While the sun might not seem like an issue during winter, the skin still needs SPF. Keep the skin guarded against sun damage with an SPF 30 protection…regardless of skin coloring. SPF will save your skin from the premature signs of aging…so don’t skimp on the sunscreen.

Windburn from the sharp cold winds also may cause redness and pain. Use coconut oil or aloe vera to help calm skin.

Don’t forget to protect lips during winter. Use a balm that also provides SPF protection and keeps lips hydrated. Chapped lips are one of the biggest beauty issues during winter. Keep those lips moist and don’t lick your lips!

Spring & Summer:

Yes, the grass is bursting with green and flowers are in full bloom. So are allergies. Sensitive skin also might be plagued by bug bites and the warmer temps might induce more perspiration. Sweaty legs might chafe under clothes. Layers of sunscreen used to guard visible skin from harmful rays may cause clogged pores. And add in the irritation from constant shaving to don the season’s lighter and more revealing clothing and skin is in constant torment.

Exfoliate during warmer months! A gentle exfoliant allows dead skin to be sloughed off and helps pores stay clear. Try mixing oatmeal, honey, and yogurt for a gentle and nourishing scrub.

If thighs tend to chafe during warmer months, it’s ok to apply an antiperspirant to keep sweating at bay. Thigh chafing affects many women…and the pain is real! April Daniels Hussar over at CafeMom recommends spandex and also notes that her friend swears by men’s deodorant. Or, use products that help heal the irritation… and be aware that shaving may also cause additional irritation.

Never skimp on the sunscreen! But if you find that your SPF is clogging pores (especially on the face), check out the ingredients. Switch to an oil-free sunscreen, if skin is becoming blemished.

Pamper skin throughout the year by adapting to its needs as the weather changes. Each season brings skin traumas; be on the lookout for redness, breakouts, dryness, and adjust your beauty arsenal accordingly! But never forget your sunscreen!

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Author: Cassie Brewer

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