Skin Care

Provocative advice and intimate information to make you your most alluring self. Skin care and anti-aging skin care how-to's that are actually proven to work. Learn the basics that afford supple, smooth skin and advanced techniques which give you the sex appeal you desire. Simply, the most comprehensive free skin care advice available.

This section offers the following answers, secrets and tips on skin care:

  • Acne Free Skin Care—You deserve clear skin. A combination of dietary supplements and dermatology-tested acne fighting formulas are effective in supporting the cause.
  • Anti-Aging Tips and Skin Care—Anti-aging encompasses information to prevent wrinkles and other aging concerns. Use this comprehensive informational women’s source and stay-tuned for the latest research.
  • Natural Skin Care Tips—tips for eating your way to healthy skin and other great tips.
  • Sensitive Skin Care—Is your skin sensitive to most products on the market today? Do you get allergic reactions often? Get the latest tips and advice on how to take care of your sensitive skin.
  • Common Skin Disorders—Do you suffer from a skin condition that creates tension in your life? Get solutions to various skin conditions here.
  • Best Sunburn Treatment—including sun protection, a controversial subject today.
  • Tips for all skin types


Dr. Teri's Expert Advice

Dr. Teri Dourmashkin received her doctorate (Ed.D.) in Health Education from Columbia University. She is a leading expert in women’s health and beauty needs. Stay tuned for regular updates from this noted authority.

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