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AlwaysNewYour.com, a trusted resource for Women’s health and beauty information is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Teri Doumashkin to their team. Dr. Teri brings with her extensive experience in healthy anti-aging skincare as well as over 15 years of research in natural, non-toxic skincare. Dr. Teri Doumashkin holds a doctorate (Ed.D.) in Health Education from Columbia University and is the President and Founder of La Vie Celeste Skin Care, Inc.

Novi, MI November 20, 2010 – AlwaysNewYou.com is excited to bring its readers professional advice from one of the leading experts in natural skin care. “With so much information available online and not all of it accurate or reliable, a resource where people can get information they can trust from a credible expert is so important.  AlwaysNewYou.com really offers this to people, and I’m proud to be a part of it” said Dr. Teri when asked why AlwaysNewYou.com was so important for women.
Dr. Teri is a committed professional who believes healthy skin care is a vital component of any beauty regime and is focused on bringing readers the best there is to offer on how to maximize the health of their skin and combat the effects of aging. “Looking good and feeling good are so connected.  Taking care of your skin is a necessary part of our self care” shared Dr. Teri.
Dr. Teri Doumashkin has already brought her expertise to AlwaysNewYou.com readers as the author of the forward for their popular downloadable book“What Every Woman Must Know About Hormones” .  AlwaysNewYou.com also offers another unique book, which shares the “Must-Know Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women’s Health & Beauty”
With over twenty years of experience, AlwaysNewYou.com offers the finest online healthcare advice, skin care information and beauty skin care products available today.
“Users can count on: Professional advice from an experienced and credible collection of experts (including but not limited to Dr. Teri), a list of “must read” books focused on important women’s issues from beauty to hormones and an online shopping resource for the best in health and beauty products!” shared John Russell, founder of AlwaysNewYou.com

“With both factual articles and opinionated blogs, AlwaysNewYou.com also give its readers expert advice and access to natural products and online resources that help them with daily issues as well as major life transitions” enthused Dr. Teri. “I look forward to sharing information and connecting with site visitors.”

Visit AlwaysNewYou.com and Dr. Teri’s Doumashkin’s expert advice column today for free advice and support. Sign up for the monthly newsletter, for tips, product suggestions, articles, and information.  Visitors can sign-up on the homepage of the website.

Ann Sandretto – Editor in Chief
International Health Distribution


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