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International Health Distribution (IHD), a trusted resource for Women’s health and beauty information, is proud to announce the launch of its revised, improved website.  Formerly Hormones-Beauty-Health, www.AlwaysNewYou.com, is now the place where women can go for advice and guidance in their quest to renew and reinvent themselves.
Novi, MI July 1, 2010 – Being a woman is an exciting, ever changing journey filled with life choices.  The revised website, AlwaysNewYou.com, will work to inspire the continuously evolving woman by providing quality information and expert advice to help navigate through the inevitable changes.

Always New You will provide:

  • Expert information to help make educated choices!
  • Trusted resources to provide guidance in the quest to continuously renew oneself!
  • A new interactive community of women who share common interests and concerns!
  • A place to get answers and advice from health and beauty experts

AlwaysNewYou.com will be THE informational internet site for women. It was designed to enrich the lives of women of all ages through the offering of topical articles and an innovative Blog – it is the most comprehensive resource for identifying health and beauty tips. A new section on good breast health will stay current with all the breaking news. 

AlwaysNewYou.com also offers free subscriptions to their new monthly newsletter, filled with tips, products, articles, and information.  Visitors can sign-up on the homepage of the website.

Terrie MacNicol, Director of Marketing, stated "The solutions women are looking for to solve their most difficult health and beauty dilemmas will be available on the new site. From skin to health care to health & weight management, all the beauty secrets women search for will be updated continually." MacNicol states "This creates a unique and innovative opportunity for women to keep themselves informed and updated."

IHD has written and launched two helpful resource books, What Every Woman Must Know About Hormones (encompassing 10 years of research on everything you need to know about hormones), and MUST-KNOW Answers, Secrets & Tips on Women's Health & Beauty (will answer your questions on skin and hair care, diet, nutrition, hormones, anti-aging secrets, and more).
The timing of the launch is perfect for the upcoming summer season. The site has numerous links to products, recipes, and hints, which are ideal for the summer.  A huge addition will be a new community site to share with other readers.

The primary objective of AlwaysNewYou.com is to provide today’s woman the most complete resource with the information they need to properly and accurately address all of their health and beauty concerns. Those seeking advertising space or further information should contact:

Terrie MacNicol – Director of Marketing
International Health Distribution

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