Emu Oil and Precautions

Emu oil benefits can be valuable and exciting and may make you want to jump in with both feet to try out the various applications. However, it is important to be a smart consumer and know all the facts about what you’re getting.

The FDA approved emu oil use in 1992. The only way you will realize the true emu oil benefits is if it is rendered and processed correctly. If it is not pure or processed correctly, there can be unexpected side effects or you can simply be wasting your money.

If the bird was processed inhumanely or handled improperly, the oil can contain hormones, blood, or meat residues. Be sure that no synthetic preservatives were added. If the oil is processed at too high heat, trans fatty acids are produced that are unhealthy and interfere with the oil’s beneficial properties. Clarify with the seller that the oil was not refined with corrosive materials intended to remove cloudiness or stickiness – these steps inhibit the oil’s penetrating abilities as well as other important components.

Before you apply anything to your body, be sure that it is safe and from a reputable dealer. Simply looking for the lowest price may not be the best deal if the product you end up with is inferior. Improperly managed oil can cause more problems than it can solve. Emu oil benefits are many but only if properly preserved.

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