Emu Oil and its Remarkable Benefits

Emu Oil BenefitsAmericans are just recently catching on to something that the Australian Aborigines have known about for thousands of years – the amazing emu oil benefits. It has countless uses for pain management, medical healing, and anti aging skin care advantages. The scope and potential of emu oil applications are only just beginning to be documented by modern researchers. 

One of the most exciting properties discovered about emu oil is its ability to rejuvenate skin better than collagen through cellular regeneration. It is an excellent natural skin moisturizer that promotes the skin to maintain more moisture and increase the skin’s thickness – resulting in fewer wrinkles. It also stimulates the growth of activity of both skin and hair follicles for more growth and better strength. 

These abilities to make a person appear more youthful are also very useful for treating burns, scarring, and skin grafts. It has proven abilities to be highly moisturizing without the irritation or inflammation of other products, making it an excellent product for sufferers of eczema. It does not clog pores (non-comedogenic) so it won’t cause outbreaks, especially important for those battling acne.

Emu oil is a wonderful anti-inflammatory without side effects such as irritation or rejection. It has been excellent when used for swelling and joint stiffness, arthritis, and bruising and muscle pain. There are numerous applications for athletic performance and sports-related muscle strains. The ability of emu oil to penetrate deeply into the skin makes it excellent for uses in chiropractic and massage applications.

For people with recent wounds, emu oil can reduce pain, inflammation, and scar tissue formation. Because emu oil does not grow bacteria and is anti-microbial it is safe on open areas and can promote healing.

More research is being done everyday and these emu oil benefits are just the tip of the iceberg for what emu oil can do to improve your life.

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