Emu Oil and its History

Emus have been a valuable resource for the Australian Aborigines for thousands of years. These native Australians hunted emus for their low fat red meat and their oil.

Emus were brought into the United States nearly 70 years ago, initially for zoos and for exotic pets. The emu is a flightless bird native to Australia in the same family as the ostrich and kiwi. Word caught on that emus could provide an alternatively healthy red meat, fine leather, feathers, and amazing oil with countless medical and cosmetic benefits.

The oil must be rendered very carefully from the emu maintain its unique properties. It comes from the thick pad of fat on the back of the emu that was used to protect the bird from Australia’s extreme temperatures. 100 pounds of fat can yield 50 to 90 pounds of oil when processed correctly.

The United States and Canada are building numerous research labs and free-range ranches to further pursue the potential of emus and their unique oil. A gallon of emu oil can be worth hundreds of dollars on the wholesale market.

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