Easy Cures For Embarrassing Body Problems!

Natural HerbsWant a healthy living tip to solve those annoying things that bother us all?
At some point, we all develop a health problem we’d rather not talk about; after all, who wants to admit to bad breath, stinky feet or hemorrhoids?  Here are, the safe, effective ways to deal with those embarrassing ailments and keep them under wraps!

  • Healing Hemorrhoids with an Herb – Taking a daily 1,000 mg dose of butcher’s broom (a member of the lily family) heals hemorrhoids for 7 in 10 women in a little as 72 hours, a recent University research study suggests. It reduces the swelling and inflammation that make hemorrhoids so painful.
  • Banishing Foot Odor with Black Tea – At least one in four of us dread taking off our shoes and socks due to smelly feet. A super-easy cure is as close as your kitchen – black tea! Research suggests soaking fee in a bowl of strong black tea for 15 minutes weekly can eliminate the odor; tea’s tannins kill stinky bacteria, plus act as astringents, reducing perspiration.
  • Beating Bad Breath – Here’s a healthy living tip – at least half of Americans worry about – their breath. A sure-fire solution? Chewing a few fennel seeds after each meal! These mild, licorice-tasting seeds contain cineole, a safe antiseptic that destroys bacteria in the mouth, leaving your breath smelling fresh.
  • Soothing Gassiness with natural herbs and Spices – Adding 1 teaspoon of sage, thyme, dill, caraway, ginger, or cloves to your meals (or sipping a cup of peppermint tea after you eat) dramatically reduces intestinal gas in almost 80% of women in three days. Researchers say these common culinary flavorings work their magic by helping your digestive tract break down carbohydrates more effectively.
  • Treating Dandruff with Rosemary Oil – A once-a-day treatment with rosemary oil can heal a flaky scalp in as little as three weeks! Rosemary oil is a powerful antifungal agent that quickly kills the yeast that causes flaking. To do: Mix five drops of rosemary oil into 1 ounce of your favorite shampoo, massage thoroughly into your scalp, then rinse.
  • Preventing Underarm Odor with Tea Tree Oil – The bacteria that causes odor can be destroyed within 48 hours: Just swab your underarms with undiluted tea tree oil twice daily!

Annoying health issues don’t always require a doctor visit or expensive medication. Sometimes, inexpensive natural herbs and spices like fennel seeds can be combined for a readily available, inexpensive healthy living tip.

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