Are Perimenopause Treatments Safe?

Perimenopause SymptomsThe journey between child bearing years and menopause can be a very frustrating and scary road. Just when you think you have it all nailed down things again start to change, the signs of perimenopause begin. It is easier to handle these changes when the root cause is understood; what is it? Hormonal imbalances.

It is these hormonal imbalances or “estrogen dominance” that cause the perimenopause symptoms including a decrease in sex drive, irregular periods, bloating, breast swelling and mood swings. It is ironic that most women think their estrogen level goes into a free-fall during menopause; as it is actually a decrease in progesterone that causes the overload of estrogen that throws the female physiology out of whack.

If you are at the onset of, or in the midst of signs of perimenopause and have the above symptoms, hormone balancing — with medication or natural remedies — is usually recommended for relief. For example the use of natural progesterone cream used in proper amounts, no greater than what the body normally makes, can greatly reduce or eliminate your premenopause and menopause symptoms without adverse side effects.

A natural progesterone cream can be simply applied to your skin. The use of a “physiological dose” or the same quantity your body normally makes (20 to 40 milligrams per day of 2% USP natural progesterone cream) is best. The longer natural progesterone cream is used the greater the benefits; if you apply it daily you will find that most of your symptoms may disappear.

By applying the natural progesterone cream to your skin it will be absorbed into the fat layer and then the blood stream. Massage the recommended amount daily as directed to the hands, belly, inner arms, neck, face, thighs, buttocks and breast until absorbed, alternating sites. Natural progesterone cream has very positive benefits and there are no side effects if used regularly in the same amount the body produces it naturally.

For signs of perimenopause, use for 21 days or as needed. Discontinue for 7 days (during menstruation) and repeat every month. Natural progesterone cream will restore balance and help with irregular menstrual flow, depression, migraines, hot flashes, cramping, bloating, and loss of sex drive to name just some of the symptoms of menopause.

Research shows that there are no major natural progesterone cream side effects when they come from natural sources used in the amounts that are similar to what your body produces naturally .

Natural progesterone supplements have been formulated from natural ingredients like plants not chemicals into a reliable, inexpensive, natural cream form with no known side effects. It is, therefore, in your best interest to educate yourself about natural progesterone supplementation; balancing excess estrogen with natural progesterone cream may be the first step in the solution to your signs of perimenopause.

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