Are Mineral Cosmetics Really Better for Your Skin and the Environment?

Natural Beauty ProductsWith all of the media attention aimed towards going “green” can you really apply that to your cosmetics and still have them be good for you skin? According to green living ideas, you can!

Proponents of mineral-based makeup will tell you that natural beauty products, such as those made from crushed, sterilized minerals found in nature are better for you and the environment than the conventional chemical-based makeup. It almost sounds to good to be true, but it is!
Lets take a closer glance to be sure…

Many brands of natural mineral makeup contain no talc, oil, artificial colors, chemical dyes or petroleum products. Obviously, make-up without these products are better for you and your skin. Also, there a reported less allergic reactions to natural mineral makeup because it is non-comedogenic, which allows the skin to breathe. Mineral cosmetics are also good for the environment because they lack potentially toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process, which in turn does not go on your skin or into our water system. Petroleum is also a nonrenewable resource so; the lack of petroleum in these products is a great asset for the environment.

Now to the bad news…

Many companies will try to cut costs or try to improve the makeup’s performance and in the process of doing this, the make-up looses its “natural” key word phrase! Certain ingredients that you should try to avoid when you are purchasing mineral based cosmetics are:

  • Talc- talc is a carcinogen and some companies use this as a filler.
  • Bismuth Oxychloride- this could be used in mineral make-up to be a texture-enhancing product, it can potentially cause redness, itchiness, dryness, flakiness and other symptoms of irritation.
  • Parabens- used as preservatives, parabens have been found in human tissue samples of breast cancer tumors and may be linked to the development of breast cancer. A big one to look out for!
  • Synthetic Dyes and FD&C Colors- used to create make-up shades and colors. FD&C colorants contain coal-tar chemicals; some are carcinogenic and have been casually linked to cancer.

So, the bottom line here is that natural mineral makeup is better for your skin and the environment, but you must take a few more minutes when making a decision on what natural beauty products to buy and read the labels!

Written by Jennifer Peak – Birmingham, MI – September 2008

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