Menopause Diet

menopause-where-to-turnWeight gain is one of the biggest problems that women report in Menopause. But, it can be avoidedyou just need to know the rules of the road!

The Always New You Menopause Diet

We’ve partnered with professionals and our own going-through-the-big-M-staff to create an easy-to-follow set of guidelines to help you keep the weight off during Menopause. Sign up for your free copy of the Always New You Menopause Diet and discover:

Simple rules to follow to keep the weight off
“Tricks” to help you feel full while eating less
Easy recipes that follow the rules and taste great
Foods that are just right for menopausal women

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fall-comfort-food-leafFall is Coming – and so is Comfort Food

Fall is here, which means it’s time for comfort food… chili, casseroles, mashed potatoes, pies, doughnuts and syrupy cider. Learn the simple tricks to keep the weight off while enjoying your favorite foods of the season!


The word “diet” usually means feeling hungry and avoiding the things that I want the most. That’s why I commissioned this “diet” to help me (and you) eat the foods I love, feel full and keep the weight off. Learn the simple tricks for having your cake and eating it too! — Ann Sandretto, Always New You Chief Editor

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Menopause Diet - learn the tricks to keep the weight off during Menopause


  1. A problem I have been facing for the last five years, & this remedy was much needed.

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  2. I need diet plan plz help me

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  3. You are doing such a great job. I appreciate your efforts so please keep it up and best of luck

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  4. I have tried 3 times now, to get the e-book, without success. I am hoping that is time works! You know, like td 3rd time’s the charm… I so hope so! Susie

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  5. Loved the article .

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  6. Hey, thanks so very much for providing this info FREE for us. I was afraid it was (yet another) sales site at first. I also have issues with severe Hypothyrodism, in addition to Menopause, and severe Osteoarthritis (recent knee replacement), so any info/tips/help you can give me is deeply appreciated. Thanks again!

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  7. I have applied for the free copy of the diet but have not received it as yet…..looking forward to it!

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