Widowhood: Hope To Cope

Portrait of dreaming senior business woman with cup of coffeeAs children we start very early trying to figure out the meaning of life and death and what it all means. It starts with the simplest of questions. “What does death mean?” “Where is heaven; and what does God look like?” it takes us a while to reconcile the reality that when the people we love die, we can no longer talk to them. It is at this moment that we lose our first little bit of innocence.
Then, as we grow older, we look for meaning, anywhere we can find it. When do we die? Is there a mathematical equation that will let us know so we can prepare? Then eventually we realize we have absolutely no control over death and we soothe our fears with the probability that it won’t happen to us until we are much older and in a rational order. We will lose our grandparents first, then our parents and then if we are unlucky enough to outlive our spouse, we will have to embrace widowhood. However, life doesn’t always work out that way and sometimes we find ourselves faced with the prospect of widowhood at a much earlier age and in need of a good young widows support group.

Step #1: Seek help. When you lose your spouse early in life a young widow’s support group can help you move on with the reality of everyday existence. It helps to have women around who understand that feeling of a future disrupted. A young widow’s support group can help you maneuver and negotiate your road to recovery.

Step #2: Dealing with the disruption. Human nature is a funny thing. It doesn’t take very long to become accustomed to someone in your life, especially when that someone is the love of your life. When that someone is taken from us too soon the most mundane things can become torture.  Making dinner for just one, grocery shopping for just one, waking up alone can be unbearable. However, as part of a  young widows support group you will find others that can help you get past this difficult yet important step.

Step #3: Battling the loneliness. Widowhood is an entirely different kind of loneliness. In the middle of family and friends and eventually the return to normal life, the one thing a young widow is not is alone. However, the most prevailing emotion of all widows young and old is loneliness, a loneliness that only a good young widow’s support group can truly understand.

By joining a young widows support group women use hope to cope with the events that life has thrown their way. Being around women in the same place who truly understand the situation allows other women to see that in hope lies the strength to live their lives the best way they can. Young widows support groups allow women to honor their absent loved ones while still finding joy in what’s to come.

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