What To Do When You Have Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty NestEmpty Nest syndrome happens to many parents after their last child finally leaves the home. This happens because there were a few decades of having children around and now it's just you and your spouse for the first time in years alone together. Many times people aren't sure what to do or how to feel about this situation. There are things that you can do that can help with the situation.

First of all, plan on doing activities so that your life and schedule won't feel so empty. Get a new schedule full of things that you can start to enjoy. The worst thing that you can do is sit at home and think about what is going on with your children missing them.

Plan on doing things with your spouse. It's probably been a number of years since you have had quality time with each other with night after night of open evenings for each other. Get to know your spouse again. Do some of the things that you used to do together. Talk about how you are feeling about the children being gone depending on each other for support.

Try not to make any major changes right away. You need to adjust to your new phase in life. The more changes you add, the harder it is to adjust.

Read support materials if you aren't feeling very good about the situation. There are many books and courses that can help with this condition.

Realize that just cause your children are gone doesn't mean that this is the end of the relationship with them. You can still talk and foster a relationship with each one of them.

Build new friendships with other people in your life. This will fill some of the needs in you that once was reserved mostly for your children.

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