Take Control of Your Diabetes During The Holidays!

Empty NestThe combination of dealing with life transitions and the holidays are especially stressful for diabetics. Being in an empty nest during the holidays can be extremely stressful, especially for diabetics.
For those with diabetes, the holidays are challenging times. People try, perhaps too diligently, to measure food quantity, compute carbohydrates and calories, and focus what they are putting into their mouths, rather than looking at the bigger picture. Life transitions are stressful enough without the added factors important to women with diabetes.

Despite having diabetes, the holidays should be a time when you make happy memories with those you love. To continue spending many more holidays together, you need to make healthy choices during the holiday season: 

9 Tips To Help You Through Your Life Transitions

  1. Know your body, have a plan, and avoid mindless mistakes.
  2. Continue to monitor blood glucose closely and record your numbers. If the numbers are uncharacteristically high or low, troubleshoot what might have caused it and make a note of it near the recorded number.
  3. Do not stop taking your medications.
  4. Make good food choices.
  5. Remember portion size is as important as what you are eating.
  6. Stress plays an important part in elevating blood glucose levels, so turn-out toxic people.
  7. Take frequent short walks together while visiting with family and friends.
  8. Remain positive, don’t keep trying to start over and just continue on.
  9. Take a moment to celebrate the special joy of you and get past your life transitions.

Handling key life transitions like empty nest, divorce and remarriage, the holidays, and diabetes all together can be particularly stressful. Take advantage of various classes offered by health centers that have a focus on diabetes and are open to patients, their friends, and caregivers.

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