Empty Nest Syndrome: What To Do When The Last One Leaves.

Coping with empty nest syndromeCoping with empty nest syndrome can feel very lonely, but it doesn’t have to. Instead of trying to deal with it alone, try discussing your feelings with the people who are closest to the situation, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Talk to your child about your feelings. When your children leave home, especially the youngest or last, you will feel a flood of emotions. Emotions that have been building up over time and this will make coping with empty nest syndrome very hard. Take a pro-active approach to dealing with them as opposed to the passive aggressive approach. Parents usually feel that this topic is taboo and they let things bottle up. Don’t fall into that trap! A good way to cope with the empty nest syndrome is to share your feelings with your child. Having a heart to heart, one on one discussion about how you feel may be a more positive experience than you might think. Your child is also going through a lot of confusing emotions over this transition and a little one on one time may be just what they need to feel comfortable enough to talk to you about their anxieties and insecurities over this stressful change in everyone’s life.

Discuss your feeling with your spouse. By including your spouse while coping with empty nest syndrome, you open up a whole new line of communication with them and a brand new bonding experience. Parents have no problem bonding over the birth of their children; it’s a new and fun experience where you need a partner’s help and support. However, when they leave, we tend to do the exact opposite and shut the world out of our misery. Instead use this new experience to rediscover your partner and turn it into its own new and fun experience. After all, the two of you have a whole new world to create and discover together.

Simplify your life. Try some stress management strategies while coping with empty nest syndrome by simplifying your new life. If your house is just too big now, look for a smaller cozier home base. If you have hobbies and activities that centered around your children that you don’t wish to do anymore, try new things. Look forward to your new role and focus on your future.

When our children grow up and leave home we can’t help but be sad, especially when it is the last; the nest is now truly empty. Try coping with empty nest syndrome by talking it out with your family, and reorganize your life for your future. Remember, how you cope with empty nest syndrome is not a direct reflection on your parenting or even your character. Stay active, try exercise, and look forward to your new role in your children’s lives. Wake up each day and embrace the changes and don’t stop talking about your feelings, they are nothing to  

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