How Can We Change What Society Dictates As Beautiful?

Life Coach“We are beautiful and magnificent.  Every shape, size, and color of woman is a glorious creature waiting to be acknowledged for her true worth. Why do we allow anyone, besides ourselves, to tell us what is beautiful…or not?” – Dr. Gayle J. Hall.

Glance through any magazine, pick up a catalog filled with undergarment and lingerie products, or walk into an upscale designer boutique.  Now, turn on your television and watch the advertisements for perfumes or entertainment shows.  By all means, do not turn your television to America’s Next Top Model or you will see anorexic figures that are exceptionally chilling.  Why do we allow our society to tell us what is beautiful?  This opening paragraph helped to depict the picture Dr. Gayle Hall is trying to portray.

Everywhere we turn, we see ‘perfect’ people in a ‘perfect’ world.  In the very least, this is what we are led to believe.  The media shows us pictures of women who have the most luscious lips, high cheekbones, perfectly shaped breasts, long slender legs, dark straight hair, wearing a size 2 or 4 dress, and women who make millions of dollars to go along with all that.  How are we, as ‘normal’ people, supposed to feel beautiful when we cannot measure up?

Personally, Dr. Hall is only 5’ tall, will never have long legs and there is nothing she can do about that.  She does not have high cheekbones, her lips are luscious, although they are not as full as movie stars who get lip augmentation injections, and she does not have long dark hair.  This is just the way Dr. Hall is.  Nevertheless, Gayle Hall has grown to realize that she is beautiful.  You are beautiful also. 

Here are five tips to help you find your beauty NOW

  1. Do not compare yourself with any other person, male or female. You are unique.  There is only one of you in this entire world.  God planned it this way.
  2. Go find a full-length mirror in your home.  Strip down naked.  Take a good, long look at your body.  Understand that this body of yours has carried you through all of life’s trials and tribulations.  You may be a size two or a size 28.  You may weigh 98 pounds or 400 pounds. You may be 17 years old or 110 years young.   Be grateful for your body and know that you are beautiful.
  3. Now, study your face in the bathroom mirror closely.  Turn on the bright lights.  Search for those crow-feet around your eyes and laugh lines around your lips.  You have earned them.  You are beautiful.
  4. Smile and be happy in knowing you have gifts to offer yourself, others, and the rest of the world.  When you love yourself by knowing you are beautiful, that beauty radiates out into the world.  It is contagious.
  5. When you are out in public, make it a point to tell another person something beautiful you noticed about them.  Watch their eyes do a ‘happy’ dance.  You will bring them happiness, lift their spirit, and in doing so,you will feel better about yourself also.  Want to know why?  Kindness is never a mistake and it makes you feel beautiful also.

We can change how society describes and dictates beauty by beginning to notice the beauty within ourselves first.  Once you realize you are a beautiful person at any age, size, race, color, or income, your entire outlook on life will look so much brighter. 

Shining my love into your world,

Gayle Joplin Hall, PhD

Dr. Gayle J. Hall is The Happiness Life Coach™.  As a Behavior Consultant, Relationship Expert, Published Author, College Professor, Keynote Speaker and Expert in Domestic Violence, Crisis Analysis, and PTSD, she practices Positive Psychology in all areas of life.  Dr. Hall is here to guide you toward discovering your bliss by breaking down barriers of fear, pain, and anxiety. You are worthy of happiness!  Please visit the website and contact Gayle Hall to schedule your phone or in-person sessions.  Gayle Hall is also available for speaking engagements.  Visit: 

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