Second Marriages That Work

Seconde MarriagesThe cornerstones for all relationships are easy to master. Focus on communication, always admit your mistakes, share your time, do things together and always work together to overcome your problems. However, as we all know, the best of intentions don’t always yield the results we are looking for; and when they don’t, we often try again. When we embark on this new relationship how do we overcome our experiences and forge ahead to establish second marriages that works? We remember the cornerstones and sprinkle in a little wisdom and common sense.

  • Honesty: Communication is key to every marriage however; the communication must be based on honesty. When we love someone, we often overcompensate and try to save them from themselves. Anyone who’s been through one failed marriage will tell you that all communication must be based on honesty. It may be brutal; however, the only way to work through problems is to be honest.
  • Respect: One of the major advantages in second marriages is a genuine understanding of what not to do in certain situations. Those that work, work because the two people involved respect one another. They are considerate and thoughtful of one another’s feelings.
  • Trust: The worst thing any marriage has to overcome is a lack of trust, especially when we try again. Second marriages inherently bring with them insecurities and betrayals that can be hard to overcome. The thing to remember is that each new person you let into your life, deserves a clean slate.  Second marriages that work, recognize this.
  • Faith: When we are shiny and new, we have blind faith in everything. However, as we get older our insecurities can get the better of us and we allow others to interfere. When embarking on a second marriage, it is of the utmost importance to avoid interference and stop yourself from allowing outside opinions to overtake your own. Instead, focus on finding that shiny new place again and have faith.

Second marriages can be very difficult. The new couple needs to realize that it takes two to make things work and that things are never just one person’s fault, past or present. Successful ones always work together and approach their new situation with a clean slate. Once we’ve lived a little and lived through trying times, it’s hard not to be jaded and weary. To make your second marriage work, it is imperative you first establish faith and trust in your new partner and remember to respect your partner and be honest at all times.

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