Remarriage and Social Security Benefits

RemarriesSocial Security is a government sponsored insurance program that provides protection against poverty, old age, disability, unemployment and others. It is funded by payment of taxes or premiums by or on behalf of participants related to the dependant. It is gender-neutral and hence both men and women share equal benefits. Survivors Benefits and Retirement Benefits are the plans under Social Security.

Survivors Benefits:
Survivors benefits are funds paid to certain members of the family of the deceased person, who has worked and paid the taxes. A person is not qualified to obtain Survivor’s Benefits if he or she remarries before the age of 60 unless the new marriage ends due to divorce or death of the new spouse. If a person remarries after 60 years of age, he or she is qualified for the benefits. Divorced spouses may qualify for Survivors Benefits if they have been married to the deceased for 10 years and have not remarried before age 60. If a person is disabled, he or she can obtain the Survivors Benefits as early as 50 years of age, so long as the person has not remarried before age 50. Upon remarriage before age 50, he or she can claim the benefits only if the new marriage ends.
Retirement Benefits:
Retirement Benefits are funds paid to the workers after they attain the retirement age. In the event that a person remarries, he or she is not eligible for the Retirement Benefits of the former spouse unless the new marriage ends due to divorce or death of the new spouse. If the divorced spouse is deceased, one can actually receive the benefits if the marriage lasted for 10 years.

Upon remarriage, a person is qualified to collect the benefits of only one of the spouses and if both the marriages lasted for 10 years, the person obtains the benefits from the spouse who would provide the higher benefits. Children are not affected by divorce or remarriage and can always claim the benefits from their parents.

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