What Are You Waiting For?

Soul JourneyI’m thrilled to be a part of this wonderful network to empower women, thank you for honoring your value and joining this amazing community of women. I have just one question for you, what are you waiting for? Really, what is keeping you from living the most delicious life you can imagine? What is keeping you from dreaming, creating, loving, and experiencing freedom, peace, joy and satisfaction in your life and career?

I bet many things are running through your head yet maybe nothing is coming to mind because you really don’t know. If you don’t know that is very common for women who are so busy taking care of others that they don’t attend to their own needs and desires. If you don’t know, maybe it’s because you haven’t taken the time to really discover what your soul desires. If you don’t know, maybe it’s because you don’t think you deserve more than what you are experiencing now. Regardless of why you don’t know, the time is now for you to first know what your soul desires and secondly what is keeping you from “having, living or being it?”

A delicious life is created by discovering and traveling your soul journey. A soul journey is a journey of self-discovery, a journey of truth and authenticity, a journey where you embrace the skin you are in, love yourself, are led by your intuitive voice, a daily walk where you know, honor, value, speak and live your truth. When you are on a soul journey your life’s purpose is clear, your thoughts are mindful, your behaviors are intentional and you experience peace, joy, abundance and prosperity. So I ask you again, what are you waiting for? You deserve this kind of life and you have the power to create it, live it and love it if you choose. If you are ready to begin your soul journey I offer these questions to ponder:

What is your soul calling you to do or what does it long for?

What is the ultimate vision for your life?

What and who do you need to begin your soul journey?

What thoughts or past experiences keep you from starting the journey towards living deliciously?

Maybe you are thinking “I am living a delicious life.” If you are that’s absolutely wonderful, yet I would challenge you to ask yourself the following questions:

Am I living my truth and showing up as my authentic self?

Am I doing work I love that makes me feel alive in side?

Am I filling my cup and serving others from my overflow?

Am I living my dream and purpose?

Regardless of which situation you are in, you can always do something right now to change your circumstances and transform your life. My best tip for you is to own your power and start creating the life you want. When you walk in your soul’s journey your vision is clearer, your thoughts are more focused and your behaviors more intentional. The result is a life with more peace, clarity, joy and abundance. The best journey one can take is an intimate journey inward.

If you desire a partner to walk the journey with you contact me and let’s take the first steps.

Catrice M. Jackson, MS, LMHP, LPC
Empowerment Speaker, Fearologist, Fear-Free Living Expert and Author 
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