What’s Your Fear-Free Living Formula?

Fear FreeMany people hear the word “fear-free” and believe first of all it’s impossible or secondly ask “how can one be fear-free?  It is possible and you can do it if you choose.  Living fear-free is simply a state of mind and a place of being when you refuse to allow the symptoms of fear to linger fester and manifest in your life.  Fear obviously shows up as panic, anxiety, worry and doubt yet it can also be disguised as procrastination, envy, and confusion and lack of clarity.  If one lives with this blend of toxicity the result is a life paralyzed and unfulfilled.  Many people are living this kind of life and you may be one of them.

Living a fear-free life doesn’t mean you’ll never experience fear; it means you will respond with intention, clarity and focus to move through the fear instead of reacting with panic, worry and anxiety.  Those who embrace the Art of Fear-Free Living stand fear in the face and conquer it with less stress and struggle.  Living a fear-free life is easier than you many believe.  There are some fundamental steps to living a fear-free life as described in my new book The Art of Fear-Free Living: Awaken Your Genius; however the key is to develop your own fear-free living formula. Only you know how fear shows up in your life and only you know how you respond or react to fear. To begin creating your fear-free formula you must first identify what you are afraid of and what symptoms above are showing up in your life.   For example, if you are experiencing confusion and lack of clarity the deep seeded fear may be you don’t know where you are going or how life is going to play out.  Worrying about it and fearing the potential outcome is a waste of your energy.  Why not put that same energy into choosing where you want to go and creating the vision for your destination.  This allows you to see the road ahead and prepare the best you can for the potential pot holes and detours.  This is a simple example of living fear-free.  You know you’ll face new fears on the journey but at least you know where you are going and you’ve taken the first step. 

Fear-free living is a choice; it’s a state of mind and a way of being.  You can either live with the symptoms of above or you can release your SHero and begin taking small brave steps to be who you want to be and live how you want to live.  Your SHero is the all knowing, wise, compassionate and brilliant voice inside of you that knows exactly what you need and how to go about getting your needs met.  Here are a few brave acts to incorporate into your daily living ritual.  Be brave, be bold, be fearless and create your own formula for living fear-free:

  1. Make a list of the things you need to forgive yourself for and one by one release the shame, guilt and regret.
  2. Identify the people in your life you need to forgive. Choose to do the work within your heart to forgive them.
  3. Start a courage journal and write down all the things you want to do and find creative ways to make them happen.
  4. Decide what risks you can take now to be more courageous.
  5. Remember the moments when you were wise and strong and how you were able to create success in those moments.
  6. Make a list of the values and standards you want to live by and start living by them.
  7. Think about all the things you do that you do not like or want to do and create your “not to do” list. Once the list is complete be brave and just stop doing them.
  8. Use your fears to drive you towards your passion and purpose.
  9. When you become aware of fear remember the awareness of fear is a signal that something in your life is missing.
  10. See the see the significance of feeding your soul as you do in feeding your body. Determine how you will feed your soul everyday.

Continue your fear-free living journey by visiting www.theartoffearfreeliving.com Fear Free

Catrice M. Jackson, Fear-Free Living Expert, Speaker and Author


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