The Great Gift of Purpose

Some say nothing comes to sleepers but a dream and I say dreaming keeps our spirit alive.  Without faith we have nothing, without dreams we die.  Dreaming allows us to escape life good or bad and enter a place of pleasure, comfort and peace.  It is in this place that we have boundless creative energy and passion that allows us to transform our lives. Some of us just dream but if we do not activate our dreams we stay stagnant and are unable experience the magnificent transformation that awaits us. 

Elements of a DreamA visionary possesses the power and will to create a colorful new vision by bringing forth the elements of a dream.  We must do more than dream, we must make mindful choices and use our strengths and talent to take us to a higher level.  We must tap into our internal resources, while using our creative ideas and faithful spirit to create paths that others fear to journey.  Be courageous, listen to your intuitive voice and dare to dream and become bold in your steps.  You have the power to see beyond what’s before you, you have the will to defy obstacles that block your path and through the grace of God you will transform dreams into reality.  So if dreams come to sleepers I encourage to find a comforting place, close your eyes and allow the transformation and evolution of self to commence. 

By answering one question you can discover your uniquely designed purpose in life.  By determining the answer you can stop living to work and begin working to live and doing what you love.  My question to you is “what would you do for free?”  If you would do it for free that means that you must be passionate about it.  This discovery is your Divine gift and your talent, move towards it and do it now.  Be brave, be courageous and live your purpose fearlessly!

Catrice M. Jackson, MS, LMHP, LPC
International Speaker, P-Spot Passionista, International Best-Selling Author & Radio Show Personality

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