Living Your Truth

The Word TruthAs 2011 unfolded and opened its arms of abundance, opportunity and possibility, I made a choice.  I made a choice to never again make New Year’s resolutions.  Instead I chose one word to describe how I wanted to be, live, work and show up in the world. I knew this one word was more powerful than I could ever imagine.  I knew this one word would require me to be curious, open, willing and courageous.  I also knew this one word might bring some pain, discomfort and fear. I also realized that this one word was a BIG act and that I was ready to stop playing small in my life so why not choose a big word with big risks and rewards.  The word I carefully chose, a word my soul called me to choose, is the word truth.

The word truth will do more than set you free.  The word truth will cause you to examine your life and determine whether you are alive or living. The word truth will require you to analyze your relationships and decide if they are worth keeping or must you let them go. The word truth will force you to look at your life from the inside out and finally get real about the lies, deceit, masks and veils you adorn yourself with to feel “okay” in the world.  The word truth will push you towards the edge of all you know and inspire you to leap into the world of the unknown.  The word truth will scream at you “quit faking it until you make it.”  The word truth will abundantly afford you the opportunity to accept yourself just as you are and not be apologetic about it.

In truth there is liberation; liberation from living by someone else’s standards.  In truth there is power; power to step boldly into who you are with no regret.  In truth there is peace; peace of mind, peace in your heart and peace in your spirit because you can finally be authentic.  In truth there is comfort; comfort in knowing that you do not have to be everything to everyone.  It may not be easy to live your truth but it’s a whole lot less work than trying to live someone else’s truth. When you live your truth you realize that your story does not determine your destiny.  When you live your truth you don’t have to pretend you enjoy things you don’t.  When you live your truth you say what’s on your mind instead of bottling up your voice and exploding later.  When you live your truth you don’t fear being vulnerable because you know it’s a true expression of who you are as a human being.  When you live your truth you experience less struggle and begin to live in the flow of your luscious life with more ease and grace.

What will be the one word for how you choose to live your life? It does not have to be the word truth but I encourage you to choose a word that resonates deep in your soul.  I hope you chose a word that will liberate your life and afford you more opportunities to experience love, peace and joy.  Regardless of what word you choose, choose with your heart, choose wisely and choose a word you can be, a word you can live and speak and choose a word for how you want to show up in the world.  Even if you don’t choose the word truth I hope you choose to live your truth with courage, passion and grace.

Catrice M. Jackson, Fear-Free Living Expert, Speaker and Author

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