Get Up and Get Into Your Life

Accomplish Your GoalsLife is all about choices and we choose how we are going to live everyday even in small choices. Have you chosen to remain in the rocking chair of your life or have you decided to get up and get into your life? 

When You Are In The “Rocking Chair” Your Life May Look or Feel Like This

  • You are taking steps forward towards your goals but somehow you seem to go backwards more often than not.
  • You want to make progress in life but are unsure how to accomplish your goals.
  • You can see the vision for your life but you don’t know how to make it come alive.
  • You feel empty inside and want to experience more joy and satisfaction.
  • You want to create a vision for your life but don’t know where to begin.
  • You simply want MORE out of life but may feel you don’t deserve it.

One thing is for sure. Being in the rocking chair absolutely does you no good.  When you sit in the “rocking chair of your life” you are immobilized, sitting there moving a little forward and a little backwards but going no where.  When you are in the rocking chair you are sitting in fear.  You are afraid to make a decision and move in your life. 

You make choices everyday on how you are going live your life and BE in your life.  More importantly, you choose this by choosing your thoughts.  When you choose to think positive and optimistic thoughts you are choosing to live positively.  When you choose to think negative thoughts you are choosing to live a negative life.  When you choose to stay at a job you hate, you are choosing to be miserable.  When you choose to create a career you love, you are choosing to be satisfied in life.  How you are living your life right now is the result of your thoughts and choices.

By simply changing the way you think you will begin to experience new, positive feelings.  When you feel positive and optimistic you will become inspired and empowered to take action to create what it is your desire.  Simply put, change the way you think about yourself and your life.  Life is not that complicated so don’t make it that way.  Decide what you want and take action to accomplish it.  Life is waiting for you to step into it, so decide (a thought) today to get up out of that chair and choose (an action) to create and live a life you crave, anticipate and love. Excuses are the doorway to failure.  It’s time for you to get busy creating your delicious life. 

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Up And Get Into Your Life

  1. Stop making excuses. Decide what you want and choose to do it.
  2. Stop saying you can't! You can do anything you choose to.
  3. Get out of the past. Today is all you have, let go, forgive and move on.
  4. Get into today! Do something today to make your life delicious!
  5. Invest in you! Spend the time, money and energy on something to dramatically transform your life. You are worth it.

Life is not that complicated once you decide what you want and take action!  Your luminous life… it's waiting for you, get up and get into your life!

Catrice M. Jackson
Empowerment Speaker, Delicious Life Designer and Author
Websites:  www.catricemjackson.comor
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