Get NAKED Because God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

Beautiful YouWhen you look in the mirror you may not believe it but you were created perfectly just the way you are. I am a true believer that God doesn’t make mistakes.  You were created from his divine image and therefore you are simply perfect.  I’ve been there before; standing in front of a mirror finding everything possible wrong with my body.  I’ve complained about this and been disgusted about that.  I’ve emotionally and mentally beat myself up about my body and what I failed to do to nourish it and take care of it.  Sound familiar?

What if there was a new way to look at your body? What if you could look at the shell we call our bodies and see it with new eyes and a more appreciative perspective? I believe you can, in fact I know you can. Yet this is only possible when you learn how to look at who you are from the inside out instead of from the outside in.  It takes great courage to see yourself as a spirit and a soul rather than a body that has a soul and spirit. Our bodies are just the place something bigger, better and greater lives.  It’s the shelter, the residence and the capsule that embodies our divine, authentic essence.

Think about it this way.  When you think about your home, the physical place where you live it simply is a space that holds the things and people you love. It’s the space where the things that matter most gather in one place; your children, your spouse and your family.  If a tornado came right now and wiped out your “home” through God’s grace, you would still have your family and loved ones.  Yet many of us get so caught up in our furnishings, the cars, the dollar value of the home and all the bells and whistles that make the inside and outside of our homes look super-shiny.  You and I both know that at the end of the day none of that really matters. 

So why not look at your body, your physical being and your life that way?  So what you have a few gray hairs, so what you have a dimples on your hips, so what your breasts may not be as perky as they used to be or that you have stretch marks on your stomach.  Do these things define your character, your spirit, your purpose or the contribution you make to the world?  Do those scars and blemishes immediately disqualify you as a loving, kind and generous woman? When you find the courage to look beyond what you see with your natural eyes and see you, your body and your life with new naked eyes it is then that you will fully appreciate who you are from the inside out.

Your body, every part of it has loved you unconditionally.  It has supported you, carried you and been there for you even when you forgot to or didn’t know how to protect it, love it, nurture it or care for it. It is the vessel that holds the best part of you; your spirit. You can re-learn to honor it and care for it in a new way; a way that brings you more love, peace and self-acceptance.  You can also learn how to look beyond that vessel to discover the real, authentic beautiful you that cannot be seen with the eye.  Only the eyes of the soul can see this place; this naked, uncovered, raw, transparent place within. The place I speak of is your authentic spirit where the real you and your hopes, dreams, aspirations and love lives.  It’s time for a new a new set of eyes, a new lens and a new perspective.  Are you brave enough and ready to look beyond your perceived faults and flaws and finally see you imperfectly perfect? I invite you to “Get NAKED.”  I encourage you to bare it all and strip away all the masks, facades and costumes you wear to cover up the brilliance of who you are.  I am a true believer that God doesn’t make mistakes.  You were created imperfectly perfectly just the way you are, isn’t it time you believe it?

To learn more about how to Get NAKED and love you more from the inside out visit I’d love to take you on the most amazing 7-day journey of self-love you’ll ever experience.

Catrice M. Jackson, Speaker, Fear-Free Living Expert and Author

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