Choose What You Will Fight For

Divine DestinyLife will sometimes lead us onto the battlefield.  The battlefield can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual moments of challenge and struggle where you have to fight for what you need, want and deserve. Some battles are not worth fighting and the real victory is knowing when to fight or walk away.  We all have the power of choice don’t be afraid to exercise your personal power.


Why fight battles and be worn down when it's time to go to war? These small battles in your life are distractions to your greatness, your divine destiny! Choose what people or issues you will give your precious energy to. It is critical that you save your energy for fulfilling your divine destiny.
Fight only the battles that will elevate you spiritually and 'emotionally. You don't need the approval of those who pretend they don't see you or those who minimize your greatness. Let go of these people and battles and watch what happens. The people you need will come. The people who are genuine will come. The people who will support, accept and celebrate you will come.

Don't let other people drain you and suck you dry. When the divine opportunities come your way, you will be too exhausted to energize your purpose.  The secret to failure is trying to please everybody. The secret to winning is choosing your battles and allowing the people for a life time to enter your circle. Do your thing, produce and seek to please yourself—when you show and prove–those who ignored you will have no choice but to see your greatness!

A few suggestions on choosing your battles and claiming victory:

1. When you feel like someone is luring you into battle; ask yourself "will engaging in this battle take me to my highest level?"

2. When you feel like you are being sucked in, stop and determine whether winning the battle will move you one step closer to your divine purpose/goals in life.

3. If you keep trying to impress someone and they continue to ignore you. Move on to the next great thing, they are not worth your time. (they really see you and in fact see your greatness and just may intimidated by it).

4. If you are trying to connect with someone and they don't return your calls, respond to your emails or ignore you when they see you; just accept the fact that your relationship with them was not meant to be. Give your energy to those who are genuinely interested in you.

5. The next time you feel sucked in, frustrated, ignored or unappreciated; think about how these feelings are a distraction to take you off your path and resist the temptation to engage.

Everyday, every second we have the power to choose what we will fight for. Choose to fight for the things that bring you peace, comfort, stability and movement. Don't let others wear you down before the real battles begin. The real battles are the obstacles you must overcome to reach your destiny. When you let go and focus on reaching your goals everything and everyone you need to be victorious will appear when you least expect it.

Choose wisely! Choose peace!
Catrice M. Jackson, Empowerment Speaker and Courage Coach™
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