New Career Advice for Women Over 40

Women preparing spaghetti, canon 1Ds mark IIIMany times we find ourselves in a position to reinvent various components of our lives.  So, what happens when we are faced with the challenge of reinventing our career?  The first step…  think of it as an opportunity, rather than a challenge.  Second step…  don’t be afraid to try something new!

Talents you never used can put you in a place you love.

For some reason many 40+ women think their only asset is their current qualification and experience. Most don’t think to move from the safe and known. When we were young we would try new jobs and roles regularly, until we found something that fitted into our requirements at the time. For a lot of us it was determined by our family. When women hit their 40s and 50s they can feel like they were either left behind or stuck in a job that doesn’t quite fit their current circumstances or fulfil their career desires. I have noticed this in the lack of applications I receive from mature women.

As a niche business Bennetts Boots sell wide calf fashion boots. We are growing very fast and always on the lookout for talented, reliable and empathetic staff. When we advertise for the positions of store manager etc… we get a lot of young job seekers who don’t really relate to our customer base. We want the 40+ woman with experience in different area’s in life as that is who our customer is. We want our people to understand our market on a personal level and help us grow the business in the way the customers want it to grow.

We are continually looking to fill management roles that are flexible and creative. As its illegal to advertise and hire based on age we sift through the hundreds of applications until we find that magic mixture of maturity, commitment, reliability, and passion.

Amanda Tallent, CEO, Bennetts Boots wide calf boots

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