How to Market Yourself When Re-Entering the Workforce

Divine GiftChanging Careers, or re-entering the workforce after much time spent home with our families is a nerve wracking time in women’s lives.  Too often we rely on the old idea of ourselves, you know the girl – before marriage, before family, before we were molded into the women we are today by life experience.

That has value, Ladies!  Our expert contributors share their stories with us today and a few words of encouragement to market ourselves as the well-rounded women we have become outside of the office.

Evaluate and Market Your Life Experience

I spent a dozen years writing job-search guides and teaching job-search workshops and I always encourage people, especially women, to look hard at what they have done outside the office that could become a career.


The woman who had supported her mother through a year of cancer treatments was an ideal candidate for patient relations work at a cancer center.

The woman who had run her school’s auctions turned that into a business.

And me—I had volunteered as my MBA alumni association’s career person, which led to books and speeches and teaching!

Too many people, especially women, undervalue their skills and they do not take the initiative. You want to make a change? You’ve got to risk rejection. Ask people to evaluate your experience compared to others in the field and network to find opportunities, possibly on a part-time basis, to test the water.

Linda Carlson, Author and Consultant

A Life Coach with a Life

For the past 10+ years, I have been a speaker agent based in New York City. On June 22, 2011 our youngest son graduated from high school and subsequently left home to attend school. Our older son left for school in 2008 when he graduated from high school.

In October of last year, after realizing my husband and I endlessly had the house to ourselves, I closed my agency and took the rest of the year off. In January, I opened The Browne Center for Success and Wellness in Hoboken, New Jersey; a suburb of New York City. I realized I had so much to share and really wanted to put my amassed wisdom to better use and became a professional Life Coach.

I am now the happiest I have been in my entire life because the work I do truly makes a profound and lasting change in the lives of others. 2011 was a rough year for me (my youngest son left home and I turned 40) but I turned what I thought were lemons into the sweetest lemonade and I couldn’t be happier.  It can happen for you too!

Saideh Browne, Professional Life Coach, The Browne Center for Success and Wellness

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