How To Create a Career You Love

Jobs? Green Road Sign Against Dramatic Sky, Clouds and Sunburst.There is often multiple opportunities in a woman’s life for her to reinvent herself.  Whether it’s a shift from single to married, from wife to mother, or from mother to career woman, there are a few reminders we should stick to in order to help ourselves succeed.

Learn the best way to set yourself up for success and jump back into the workforce with both feet first.

Create a Career You Love

A break is a perfect opportunity for a person to reassess things in one’s life and career; it presents an opportunity to walk the same path or create a brand new you –

1) Identify your authentic work – Going back to work after a break is often a chance to start over and create work that you can really enjoy. Take a good look at your talents, passions, your gifts, lifestyle you would like to have and try and create something that you can really enjoy. Then research your career options based on what you find. Don’t be afraid to look at starting your home business which will give you the flexibility as well as allow you to pursue something you love.

2) Steer clear of self-imposed limitations – A lot of people think 40s is too late for any kind of change, so you must stick to what you know and have done. But it’s all about your mindset and as they say age is just a number. So don’t put limitations on yourself and hold yourself back from creating the life and work of your choice.

Ruchira Agrawal, Founder, Author, Work/Life Coach, InnerVeda Communications

Use the Web to Teach Yourself!

Women need to understand that the typical workforce has changed, especially with technology. There are great, affordable online learning courses that allow women to learn at their own pace in the comfort of their home. By learning a niche that interests them before applying for a job, online training easily prepares women to get right back into the workforce. It increases their skill level, confidence, and know how to make them very competitive in the marketplace.

Terra Bohlmann, PMP, Founder, The Working House

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