Freshen Up Your Skill When Re-entering The Workforce

Pixmac000086639552When considering a career change or going back to work after taking some time off, make sure you do your research and educate yourself prior to making the big leap.  You can be prepared for re-entering the workforce by freshening up your skills.  Learn what our experts suggest in the following tips:

Create Your Own Economic Recovery With a New Skill Set

Before making a major career change take time to research the industry and job projections.  You must carefully evaluate whether your current lifestyle can financially sustain a career change and the outcome as it might mean a less prestigious job title or a lower salary until you establish yourself as a proven professional.

Take into consideration the amount of time it takes to get up to speed to learn a new industry (the key players, companies, organizations, professional nuances, industry lingo) and build a network of contacts whom can help them learn the ropes or land a new position. The benefit of retraining and making a career move is once you have made your career change and have established yourself you might find yourself much happier and wonder, “What the heck was I thinking to stay in my old profession for so long?”

Elizabeth Venturini, College Career Strategist, Scholasticus

The Write Thing for Me

Story has always been an enormous part of my life. A voracious reader, I’ve been inspired by stories more than almost any other singular thing in my life. So when the kids reached that point when they were in school all day, I decided to try my hand at writing. I started to write the Great American Novel.

Half-way through, I attended a writer’s conference filled with instruction ranging from the basics to marketing and publishing. Mid-conference I realized my novel could accurately be described as “epic fail.” But I also learned how to fix it. A career in writing is not as easy as sitting down in front of the computer and dumping your thoughts onto the page. But writing is something that can be learned.

I’d always wanted to be a writer, so the hard work of learning the craft has been worth the time and effort I’ve invested. If you’ve considered becoming a writer, don’t try to wing it and end up in “epic fail.” Apply yourself to learning the craft. Follow the rules (most of them) and you just might find yourself releasing your debut novel.

Jennifer Fromke, Novelist

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