Do’s and Don’ts of Career Change

Career Change OpportunityIt is a widely accepted assumption that the important life changes include life and death, childbirth and home ownership and that one's job is just a means to pay the bills. Most of us know, however, that this is an incorrect assumption. As children our lives revolve around our daily schedule – our school life, it is what defines us and helps to shape our personalities.

Then why do we hide from the reality that our jobs, the way we make our living is also one of the most important journeys of our lifetime. When deciding the course of this journey, when it’s time to find a new career you would be wise to keep these few simple dos & don’ts in mind.

Don’t rush into anything. When it’s time to find a new career it is only human nature to want to make that change right now! In recent years, it’s been a totally understandable leap of faith to quit one’s job and hit the pavement full force with the assurance that the next great thing is right around the corner. However, life is unpredictable so take your time and try to enjoy your current job while looking for that next new opportunity. Focus on the friendships and the fun times. Just knowing that your current situation is only temporary will keep your spirits up while you are looking.

Do – utilize all of your resources. Treat your search for find a new career like a job. Research the companies you would like to work for and locate the proper contacts to reach out to. Then reconcile this information?with your personal list of contacts and connect the dots. Remember "it’s who you know" but don’t forget about "what you know" and continue to reply to job posting in your field that you may be interested in. By tackling this project from all angles you increase your probability of timely success.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown. A lot of people are afraid to put it all on the table when trying to find a new career, especially when they are still employed. It’s the inherent fear that the theory of "six degrees of separation" is real and that somehow your current employer will find out that you’re looking for a job. Don’t let irrational fears paralyze your search.

Do – be excited about the adventure. The easy parts of life are those times when you identify a goal and find success almost immediately. Trying to find a new career opportunity, however, is very unpredictable. Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you need to be patient, but don’t think of that as a negative experience. Remember this is an exciting adventure, even if it takes longer than expected to achieve.

Your career is a significant portion of your life, in a lot of respects; you spend as much time investing in your work life as you do enjoying your private life. Take that seriously. Most people try to avoid this reality and kid themselves into believing that to find a new career isn’t that big of a deal. They tell themselves that they are doing it for the money, to better their lives or that they are stagnant in their current positions. The truth is much more complicated. A career change, or the desire to achieve one, is brought on because of an inherent desire to seek happiness. In some respects, choosing a new position can be as important a decision as choosing a new significant other, or a new residence. Therefore, treat the process with the same importance.

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