Changing Careers Over Age 40

Busy modern man talking on cell and using computerThe days of establishing yourself at one of the Big Three auto companies, working diligently away for the next 30+ years, finally retiring with a nice package that includes generous health insurance coverage are long gone!  Lay-offs, cuts, and closings have changed the name of the game.  And these cut-backs aren’t exclusive to the auto industry.

Many people are changing careers mid-life for a number of reasons, maybe your industry isn’t as valuable as it once was, maybe you stayed home with your children and now they’re off to college, or maybe you are just plain sick of your job.  At any rate, .here is a list of lucrative, fun careers you might consider when making the switch.

Fab 40 Careers

It is always an option is to get into the medical field. I just finished Physical Therapy school and half of the class was over 40 and some over 50. PT was obviously their second career. Many mortgage brokers and realtors were in the class. PT school is longer and more grueling, however the pay and the rewards are worth it to many of us!

There are so many jobs that can get one started in the medical field which require very little training; Physical Therapy Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse, Imaging Techs, Certified Nursing Assistant, Respiratory Therapist, to name a few.

Then there are other jobs that require a quick certification one can do that pay pretty well in many of which I did as I was going to school.

Registered Yoga Teacher

I run a business training people to teach yoga and often the majority of the class is women over 40. Or Certified Personal Trainers can make $50 and up an hour.

Licensed Massage Therapist

The school for this is sometimes expensive, so you’d want to find a school that is public and low cost.

Licensed Mixologist

After a week of training and certification you can bartend at a restaurant or bar or start your own private party or catering business.

Life Guard

If you are a good swimmer, the training is fairly easy. You can put your skills to good use in nursing homes where they have pools, or town homes, recreational centers. Full time, year ’round gigs are available if you seek them out.

Security Guard or Concierge

The training for a job like this is also minimal and fairly easy for a smart woman and the pay will be much better than minimum wage and many places give benefits and 401ks.

Certified Hypnotist

You can usually start practicing with just 100 hours of training.

Jane Foody, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Hypnotist, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Jane Training

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