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Pixmac000000000855Have you ever been a part of a team in which you experienced memorable managerial skills by your leader? Well, now the tables have turned and you are the leader. What can you do to be the best boss you can be and project those great skills back at your team?

There are many expectations a boss must meet in order to win over his crew, but here are the top three.

Vision- As a leader you must know and clearly state your goal and make sure your team knows it and can help you reach that goal. A goal will be reached with the help of your team and by “having your aces in their places.” This means knowing your team’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Knowing this will allow you to take the place of a proper manager by coaching, directing, and delegating.

Empathy- Studies show that employees would rather make less money working at a company that makes them happy than at a company where they make more money but are miserable and have terrible leaders. As a great boss, you must understand your employees and adapt to their different personalities and how they take coaching. They help you reach your goals; therefore, you must help them by aiding in their growth.

Trust- A great boss must not only be trustworthy but be trusting in their team as well. The trust you wish for must be earned, though, and once that trust is earned, you then owe your team your trust in them as well. This will form the necessary relationships that will bring your company success.

Ann Sandretto – Editor-In-Chief – Always New You

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