Be Encouraged to Pursue Your Dream Career

Senior woman throwing leaves in the airDon’t let the idea that you’ve been out of the workforce too long discourage you from going after the career of your dreams. On the flip side, don’t get stuck on the idea that you’ve been in a certain career too long to make a change.

Using the following advice from our expert, pursue the career you have always dreamed of – and never look back.

Use Your Existing Network and Empathy Skills

Typically, a woman in her 40’s is over the worst of the sheer physical labor of rearing small children. They still require emotional energy, but the blowing noses/wiping bottoms part is over. Along the way, you will have picked up a loyal band of fellow mums as your friends.

Being a parent has given you exceptional organizational skills and a great deal of empathy as you dealt with all the kid’s trials and tribulations. Now you’ve got a bit more time on your hands, why not put these attributes to good use?

You could go and work in an office but this would tie you down to a specific schedule which might not suit your other family commitments. If you enjoy a challenge and have an entrepreneurial streak, you’ll love running your own small business from home. You’ll get the financial rewards for your hard work and be able to set your own hours with direct selling.

Choose a product or range that is relevant to you and your interests – kitchenware, lingerie, stationery, makeup, fitness. There are literally hundreds of fabulous businesses out there just waiting for you.

You’ll have a ready group of customers amongst your contemporaries and you’ll already have the most important skill in being a great consultant – the ability to listen. Don’t be put off by the idea that you have to be ‘pushy’ to be successful. It simply isn’t true. Find a product you love and, chances are your friends will love it too, and want to introduce it to their friends. Soon you’ll have a wide circle of clients and a great little business that allows you the flexibility you need.

A few years ago I set up my own business selling greeting cards and I have never looked back. Do some research and give it a go!

Kirstin Crothers, Executive Trader, Phoenix Trading

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