Skin Care Ingredients & Hormones

The hormones present within our bodies are generally produced by the thyroid glands, adrenal glands, and the ovaries. These hormones act as chemical messengers and most of the changes that happen to our skin are mainly influenced by the hormonal changes that take place within our body. To help maintain your skin in situations such as this, there are a number of anti aging skin care products available, however, in a lot of cases these products can often affect your hormones, causing them to be unbalanced.

Within our bodies hormones play a massive role, a role that can go on to greatly affect your hair as well as your skin. There are times when our hormones can cause chaos to our lives through aspects such as acne, dry skin, oily skin, or even premature aging. Due to this, many of the skin care systems that are considered to be the best on the market try to compensate for the hormonal shifts that usually start to arise in adolescence. Sadly, however, a lot of these anti aging skin care products contain chemical ingredients that could go on to further disrupt the hormones and the systems they affect. Skin care moisturizer creams and lotions all contain ingredients that could disrupt your hormones, especially at certain times within your life.

Some main examples of when the ingredients within skin care products may disrupt your hormones are during puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and when you are using birth control. During these times, certain chemicals within anti aging skin care products are more likely to cause your hormones to become imbalanced and unstable.

Harmful chemicals and ingredients within certain moisturizers, body lotions, etc may disrupt hormones, which will then lead to such things as dehydration, skin irritation, or other harmful side effects. Suffering hormonal problems are the main cause of dryness or excessive oil within your skin. In order to combat these symptoms, as well as restore your hormonal levels, you need to find a simple skin care solution that is preferably made using all natural ingredients such as essential oils.

By using products that are high in natural ingredients you will find that you are using products that contain aspects such as antioxidants. This is important as ingredients such as this will help to remove toxins and repel free radicals as well as help you fight the effects of aging. Another plus for using products that only contain natural ingredients is the fact that they won’t cause disruptions to your hormones.

Products intended for your hair and skin should be produced using essential oils. The reason that I say this comes down to the fact these oils are one of the best solutions when it comes to hormonal imbalances. So next time you are looking for new products to do with skin or hair care, make sure you spare a thought for the ingredients that they contain as the ingredients could cause you more problems than solutions, which is why it is advised to simply stick to products that are made using natural ingredients as your skin and hair will look great and your hormones will remain balanced.

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