Dealing with Perimenopause Mood Swings

Perimenopause Mood SwingsThere is much written about female emotions and hormones. There is the teenage girl going through puberty who cries at the drop of a hat, the young single woman who suffers from severe PMS, the young mother who worries too much about her children and then the middle aged woman who suffers from perimenopause mood swings. Just when we reach the finish line for one of these major life stages, it seems all there is – is another one waiting around the corner. No wonder there is so much written about menopause relief.

About Perimenpause Mood Swings

Perimenopause Mood Swings are a stage of life that all women must face, but most are surprised to learn just how soon it can affect their lives. When perimenopause invades your life it brings with it perimenopause mood swings, hot flashes and irregular bleeding. These mood swings can be very scary and very severe. Some women have reported going from rage to tears in minutes. At the onset of perimenopause mood swings you will start by feeling irrational irritability. You may find yourself annoyed by things that you used to never even notice. Starting as early thirty five if you find yourself, impatient, angry or annoyed for no apparent reason, you may be facing perimenopause.

 “Signs and effects of the menopause transition can begin as early as age 35, although most women become aware of the transition in their mid to late 40s, often many years after the actual beginning of the perimenopausal window. The duration of perimenopause with noticeable bodily effects can be as brief as a few years, but it is not unusual for the duration to last ten or more years. The actual duration and severity of perimenopause effects for any individual woman currently cannot be predicted in advance. Even during the process, the course of an individual woman's perimenopause can be difficult if not impossible to predict.”  Wikipedia. Accessed on April 17, 2011

Three easy ways to achieve menopause relief during perimenopause:(A)

  1. Birth Control Pills – long after you really need this little wonder of science, the common birth control pill can also provide relief from perimenopause symptoms. According to the Mayo Clinic, a low dose pill will regulate the menstrual cycle and eliminate menstrual irregularity, relieve vaginal dryness and reduce hot flashes.
  2. Hormone Therapy – Progestin can be used as well to regulate the menstrual cycle, alleviate perimenopause mood swings and relieve heavy bleeding.
  3. Exercise– add menopause relief to your long list of reasons exercise is good for you! Thirty minutes a day engaging in activities like walking, biking and swimming will provide maximum relief from weigh gain, sleep difficulties and perimenopause mood swings.

The onset of perimenopause mood swings can be a frightening time in most women’s lives; but there is a bright side. This new stage in life can be viewed as a time to be more introspective. These mood swings will bring with them feelings that may be real, just without a filter, take the time to experience them and deal with outstanding issues that maybe you had forgotten were there. And as always as you enter into this new stage, consult your physician if things get to be too much to handle and remember as with all else you have persevered, there are things you can do to find relief. Most importantly, it is important to remember that like all the other stages in your life, this too shall pass.


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