What is the best way to stay healthy this Fall and Winter?

Gut FloraLearn about the importance of nurturing your gut flora, by reading this critical information below.

What is gut flora?

It is basically the bacteria and microbes that live in your digestive track. 80 percent of your immunity, good or bad, will determine the overall state of your health.

Yes, that’s 80 percent! How can we keep ourselves healthy during the seasons that are upon us in the upcoming months? Through the understanding and maintenance of keeping the appropriate ratio of gut flora. What is the appropriate ratio of gut flora?

85 percent of the flora in your gut should be good flora consisting of the most well-known species, including Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Saccharomyces boulardii, Escherichia coli, Candida, Helicobacter Pylori and Streptomyces.

15 percent of the flora in your gut should be bad flora. If you have this ratio, then bravo to YOU because you will be able to: smile more than the average person, combat pathogens, encourage proper immune function, digest optimally, synthesize important vitamins and minerals, and much more… including tasks we are not yet aware of!

Most Americans today have this ratio almost completely flip-flopped, meaning they have 15 percent good flora and 85 percent bad bacteria!  

YIKES, why does this happen? Well if we eat too many processed foods, drink a lot of alcohol, take more than our share of antibiotics, eat meat that is treated with abuse, and have poor ways in dealing with stress, then our good bacteria will be diminished.

I am sorry if this is happening to you, however, here is how I can help!

1) Get a series of colonics. We need to pull out the toxicity that has given rise from all of the excess bad bacteria, plus we need to pull the bad bacteria out as soon as possible.

2) Begin taking probiotics and prebiotics.

Here are my favorites: Dr Ohhira by Essential Formulas
SMI by Therazyme (for the small intestine only) take this with a good probiotic.
Pre/Pro by Allimax Products
Ortho Biotic by Ortho Molecular

You can take my favorite probiotics and prebiotics as well as supplement your diet easily with the following foods:
Probiotic food sources include:

  • Kefir
  • Live active cultured yogurt (including delicious coconut yogurt!)
  • Miso
  • Raw Sauerkraut
  • Tempeh

Prebiotic food sources include:

  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Banana
  • Artichoke
  • Asparagus
  • Leeks
  • Chicory root
  • Dandelion greens
  • Maple syrup
  • Mushrooms
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Oats
  • Tomato

And these are ways to stay in optimal health this Fall and Winter! resources: Dr Mercola, MD and Rachel Marynowski, ND

Nancy Gurney is an I-ACT certified Colonic Hydrotherapist through the Center for Naural Healing in Royal Oak, Michigan. She is also a registered Yoga Instructor (RYT 200) through Rising Sun Yoga and a Raw Food Chef through Alissa Cohen’s Living on Live Food Certification Program. In addition, she graduated in Health and Healing through the Ann Wigmore Creative Health Institute, and became a Reiki Practitioner through Success Unlimited in Wyandotte, MI.  She is also a Writer, Visionary, and the Principal of Creative Lifeflow, LLC. Mention this Article and receive 20 dollars off of your next series of colonics!

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