Not Your Mother’s Hysterectomy!

Female Health IssuesDealing with female health problems is not one our favorite things to do.  Who looks forward to a trip to the gynecologist? Not many, and the visit can be more overwhelming for women who are expecting painful or embarrassing problems.  Fortunately, treatment of many gynecologic disorders has advanced far beyond abdominal hysterectomies once considered standard care.  Rapid improvements in technology, including minimally invasive procedures and greater use of robotics, help reduce pain and improve outcomes for most women seeking care.

Treatments For Female Health Problems! 

Scopes have revolutionized treatment – Gynecologic surgeons were among the first to adopt laparoscopy, a technology introduced more than 20 years ago that opened the door to many minimally invasive procedures.  Surgeries that previously required opening the abdomen are being done through tiny incisions.  A scope inserted through one incision provides the surgeon with a clear view, while tiny instruments placed through additional incisions are manipulated to complete a variety of procedures.  Surgeries such as total and partial hysterectomy, removal of fallopian tubes and ovaries, removal of uterine fibro8ids, and repairs for pelvic organ prolapse can be completed using the laparoscope.  Instead of spending three to five days in the hospital after surgery, patients can go home the same day or the next day.
“Most women are relieved to hear they can come in, have a procedure and recover at home after a few hours,” says a Cleveland Clinic gynecologist.  Patients heal faster, have fewer infections, and get back to their usual activities much more quickly with minimal invasive procedures.
Robots Move Out Of the Lab – More recently, large centers such as Cleveland Clinic have added robots to overcome some of the limitations of standard laparoscopy. For example, while surgeons only have a two-dimensional view with laparoscopy, robotics provides a full 3-D view. And, whereas conventional laparoscopic instruments just open and close, robotics allow more degrees of movement, mirroring the actual wrist movements of the surgeon.  Besides the main campus, Cleveland Clinic gynecologists are now using robotics at Hillcrest and Fairview hospitals for some procedures.
The latest in robotics? Innovative equipment that gives the surgeon the ability to complete procedures through just one opening in the belly button.
No Cutting Required – For many female health problems, vaginal surgery is recommended.  It’s the lowest ‘tech’ with the fewest gadgets, but a good vaginal surgeon can do many procedures through the vagina that other surgeons would consider opening the abdomen to complete, including hysterectomy.  Studies universally show that if a procedure can be completed vaginally, that’s the safest route.
Free Advice– If you would like to know more about innovative options for female health problems, you can speak to a specially trained Women’s Health Nurse Advocate who can answer your questions or schedule an appointment.  Simply call 216-444-4437.

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