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Every now and again our expert contributors really surprise me with good health tips, advice and information that I have never heard about or even stopped to think about.

Today’s advice is one of those instances. Elizabeth L. Bewley suggested this topic and I felt it was incredibly important to share with you.

See what Elizabeth has to say about health care risks and how to protect yourself:

Health care in the U.S. saves millions of lives every year.

Surprisingly, it also kills over 600,000 people due to side effects and complications of treatment, and injures millions more.

Knowing what questions to ask can help you become CEO of your health and get better results from treatment.

When prescribed a drug that you are expected to take for a long time, five questions to ask are:

1. How is success defined for this treatment?
2. How many people get out of 100 get that successful result?
3. What are common side effects of this drug?
4. How many people out of 100 experience those side effects?
5. How and when will we know if this treatment is working for me?

Elizabeth L. Bewley, President & CEO, Pario Health Institute and the author of  “Killer Cure: Why health care is the second leading cause of death in America and how to ensure that it’s not yours.”

Thanks to Elizabeth for this important health advice – it is a real eye-opener! Click the “Printer” icon up on the top right of this article, print it and take it along with you to your next doctor’s appointment.

This information is also helpful if you are taking online nursing classes or if you are a nurse or soon to be a nurse.

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