How to Prevent and Ease Back Pain

back-pain-publicBack pain is a common health complaint in the United States. Most Americans experience it at least once during their lives. It accounts for more doctor visits and missed work days than any other work-related health problem.

Basic Ergonomic Guidelines

Basic ergonomic guidelines can help employees avoid back pain or injury. Employers can develop job descriptions based on particular work environment, such as the time spent on a task and the biomechanics used for the task. Employees can use their posture to perform the task in a way that minimizes stress on their muscles, bones and joints.

Workers can also learn to use proper body mechanics to limit extra stress on their bodies. Employers can encourage their employees to maintain fitness, flexibility and strength through regular exercise. Work-related back pain is not always preventable, but these guidelines can greatly minimize the risk.

Identifying Back Injury Risks

Various work situations can lead to back pain and injury. Fortunately, employers and employers can identify these situations by following a few simple rules of thumb. Standing or sitting in one position for a prolonged period of time is one of the greatest enemies of workers.

A body can tolerate one position for only about twenty minutes. This is why sitting at an office desk or standing on a concrete floor for a long time can cause back pain. Ergonomic chairs and floor mats offer comfort and health benefits for workers who must sit or stand for a long time. Changing positions, stretching or taking a walk can take some of the stress off the body.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Repetitive or frequent stretching, especially when it stretches range of motion, can also cause back pain and discomfort. Heavy lifting poses the greatest risk for workers in some professions. Fatigue from prolonged sitting in an office chair can contribute to the pain. Ergonomic office chairs can help.

The Aeron chair is one of the best ergonomic chairs that money can buy, and it addresses a number of work-related problems including back pain and fatigue. Healthy Back is an example of a retailer that sells the Aeron. Many cutting-edge features set it apart from other ergonomic chairs including an intuitive tilt and eight different adjustability dimensions. A “waterfall” edge reduces pressure on the thighs, promotes circulation and keeps workers alert and focused on their tasks.

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