Safer Calcium Supplements For Osteoporosis Prevention

Smiling Senior Woman with Female Doctor Behind Isolated on a White BackgrouThe first thing most of us are told by our doctors to prevent Osteoporosis is to take calcium. What we may not have been told is that calcium supplementation has been found to increase a woman’s risk of heart attack by as much as 30%. So how do we build stronger bones without risking our hearts?

1. Choose a safer form of calcium. Calcium citrate may have the best reputation, but it was the form used in the studies mentioned above. Instead, use Calcium Citrate Malate (aka Citramate) – it’s better absorbed, has not been implicated in heart risk and is the only form of calcium found to lower the risk of kidney stones.

2. Get the right supporting ingredients. When you take calcium by itself it can settle in your veins like sand in your cars gas tank, endangering your cardiovascular health. You need Magnesium, Vitamins D3, C & K2 as well as Lysine to properly utilize the calcium you take. These nutrients help make sure your supplement makes it from the bottle to your bones.

3. Get the right amounts of all ingredients. Taking more than 500MG of calcium at a time is at best a waste and at worse courting disaster as your body cannot absorb it. With that 500 MG you also need D3, Magnesium, C, K2, and Lysine. Don’t fall for supplements that put trace amounts of these ingredients in the formula just so they can trumpet them on the label.

Few calcium supplements on the market live up to this standard, and many women wind up creating it with their own mix of separate supplements. Wherever you get your calcium, be sure to get it safely by combining it with these ingredients.

Lisa Anniston, Research Director,

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