Three Natural Estrogen Replacements to Relieve Your Symptoms of Menopause

Pixmac000084096124If you are experiencing shifting hormones because of menopause, you should look into using natural estrogen replacements to boost your estrogen level.

They are a good, natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy, and they don’t hold the same risks that hormone replacement therapies have.

All of these natural estrogen replacements contain phytoestrogen, or “plant estrogen” which is not molecularity the same as the estrogen found in your body.

Because of this, phytoestrogen can give your body estrogen-like effects without increasing your risk for cancer.

Here are three ways to increase your low estrogen naturally.

  • HerbsMany of the herbs that women use in menopause have been used for centuries by Chinese and Native American women. These herbs include don quai, licorice root, red clover, and black cohosh.

    Take them to reduce common symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, depression, and breast tenderness.

  • SoyYou have many options when it comes to how you would like to get your daily soy! You can drink soy milk (the chocolate flavor is delicious), eat edamame or soy nuts, or use drink soy protein powder that has been mixed into smoothies.

    Along with treating hot flashes, migraines,  and vaginal dryness, soy can also lower your cholesterol level and help prevent osteoporosis.

  • Flax SeedsFlax seeds are a great natural estrogen replacement. They are easy to sneak into your food, and their phytoestrogens will help to treat your menopausal symptoms.

    The best way to eat them is by grinding them in either a coffee grinder or a flax seed grinder. You can also buy them pre-ground from the grocery store.

    After you have them ground, you can sprinkle them into your cereal, smoothies, or yogurt. You can also add them to muffin batter or any other baked good that you enjoy.

    Along with phytoestrogen, flax seeds also contain omega 3s and fiber, both of which are great for your health!

Written by Elizabeth O’Brien – October 2009
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