Satisfy Your Cravings and Stimulate Digestion

Pixmac000076785891As we discuss the many ways to maintain good digestion during menopause, there are many references to foods that we may have never heard about before, or worse foods that we prefer not to eat at all.  Well, here is a bit of relief.  Our expert guest blogger and clinical nutritionist, Stephan Dorlandt, shares with us a list of foods that stimulate digestion and reduce sugar cravings simultaneously.  Meaning…  they’re satisfying!

Satisfy Your Cravings and Stimulate Digestion

It sounds too good to be true: there are foods that stimulate digestion and reduce sugar cravings at the same time.

What are these foods?

All bitter foods do this, and you should be eating some bitter-tasting foods on a daily basis. Bitter taste stimulates the release of digestive enzymes. It also reduces sugar cravings. Some bitter foods for your consideration:

Bitter melon
Dandelion leaves

There are foods for healthy digestion that don’t taste bitter. These include:


Your digestive system will appreciate the addition of at least one of these digestion-friendly foods to each meal.

Stephan Dorlandt, Clinical Nutritionist, Owner, L & S Natural, Inc.

What foods have helped you stimulate digestion during menopause?

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