Real Women Discussing Menopause Symptoms

bianca sign photoWe asked our panel of experts to discuss with us the effects diet and exercise have on our menopause symptoms and were met with a great response. Along with their expert advice we also heard from a few women who have tested out these suggestions and reaped the rewards.

Today, we are hearing from Diana Fletcher, a woman going through menopause who’s taking action steps to minimize menopause symptoms.

Menopause and Me!

I am going to give examples from my own life. I have been experiencing hot flashes, changes in body–all sorts of wonderful menopausal things. About a month ago, I decided to take charge of what I was previously just reacting to. (Example, whining about the hot flashes…:)

One of the best actions I took in regard to food was to seriously cut down on coffee. I could drink coffee all day and did not realize how much it was contributing to the hot flashes.I now have 2 cups in the morning, half de-caf, half-caf and splurge with an extra latte on the weekends.Huge difference in how I feel! Also, very little processed foods and sweets. I feel better, have more energy and lost a few menopausal pounds.

Diana Fletcher, Stress Reducing Expert Author, Life Coach and Speaker, Diana Fletcher Life Coaching

What changes have you made to your diet to reduce menopause symptoms?

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