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Menopausal-SymptomsFor women, menopause is generally a daunting process. We hear so much doom and gloom talk of hot flashes, not being able to sleep, mood swings, and weight gain.

Yes this does happen to women, however it doesn’t have to be so. There are a few key areas of lifestyle integration that are crucial to embrace, in order to breeze through menopause and see it as a gateway to freedom as I have and others around me have experienced first hand.

Culturally we have been conditioned to think once a women stops bleeding and is no longer fertile, she is ready to go out to pasture. She is no longer a sex goddess and sort after by men. She is old, grey haired, overweight, and in the background.

Well this doesn’t have to be the case. I know women struggle with menopause because I see it all around me. I’ll offer you many tips to prepare and sustain you through this time of change. And the change is very subtle if you are prepared.

By having the right mindset, being fit, looking after yourself with the right foods and reducing stress, you are well on your way. The mind is a powerful tool and how we use it affects our life experiences. We have been taught math and history or studied at a University or College to gain qualifications to do our job, however we haven’t been taught how to direct our mind to understand or control our emotions.

Learning these powerful essential skills will empower you to sustain your well-being, your essence, your beauty inside and out, and your sense of value. Being in your fifties and beyond can be the best years of your life if you are fit, happy, and healthy. Most individuals have at least 40 years ahead of them. If you have the right state of mind and health, you can embrace many of the things you have dreamed about and not yet experienced.

You have the opportunity each day to start changing your life if you choose to. To live your passion and look forward to each day is what life is about. Life is for truly living, as we only get one shot at it.


Learn to get to know your thoughts. If you notice you are worrying or thinking negatively, it can be helpful to reframe your thinking as it shifts your focus. Examples include:

  • I feel empowered.
  • I feel good about myself.
  • I accept myself and where I am at and I make the most of it.
  • All is well.


Learning to breathe positively has a major impact on reducing stress. Positive breathing is a steady, even breath, in through the nose and out of the nose or mouth. This releases your natural, happy, calming drugs being the endorphins. Negative breathing on the other hand, in and out of the mouth in a shallow way, produces stress chemicals, adrenaline, and cortisone that lower your immune system and make you feel stressed. If you feel a hot flash coming on, breathe positively and you’ll feel the heat dissipate. Stress throws the hormones out, which can impact weight gain. So calm is good for keeping balance. Acupuncture and massage help too. Breathe happy, keep calm, and stay in balance.


This also adds to reducing stress and focusing a busy mind. Over time you learn to connect with your intuitive or creative part of you mind. There are many health benefits gained, including greater mental energy, focus, greater intelligence, lowered blood pressure, and better sleep patterns. Especially when going through menopause, if you’re not projecting stress, your hormones stay more balanced and the hot flashes become dissipated and it assists in anti-aging. Meditation will help you observe your thoughts and teach you that a thought is just a neuron firing off in the brain. You’re much greater than every thought in your head. When empowered, you can start to acknowledge, let go, and re-frame your thoughts, in order to ensure positivity in your life.


Whether you walk, practice Yoga, or go to the gym, exercise is essential. Yoga is wonderful, as it addresses the whole person. It’s like you reset your vehicle as you breathe, meditate, and move your body. Your left and right brains connect and are integrated in you. The breathing and movement gets the oxygen moving and the blood supply moving through the body. This shifts the toxins and once again gets all the positive chemicals activated, so that you feel and think more positively. You become integrated on a physical, emotional and psychological level, which is essential for positive vitality to unfold.


Food creates a chemical reaction too. Menopausal symptoms are exaggerated by consuming stimulants, such as alcohol and coffee. Alcohol is one of the most toxic substances for the liver to process. Both substances can interrupt sleep, which is an important time for the body, mind, and liver to process toxins, balance hormones and integrate while you are asleep. Eating omega rich foods is great for your brain and supports your system. Reducing sugar, dairy, red meat and wheat consumption is essential. Sugar ages you, as it inflames the immune system and impacts the collagen production. Stick with fish, nuts, some rice and grains, leafy green vegetables and colorful vegetables. Drinking water is important too to keep your skin and other organs hydrated. It’s important to see a health professional to personalize a health plan for you, incorporating food and nutritional support.

Creating a healthy lifestyle is a worthwhile investment to fuel a healthy, happy, empowered Menopause and life. Just think if you’re experiencing a healthy menopause you will be free from monthly menstruation, including the hormonal cocktail that goes with it. Sustain the anti-aging benefits and you have a wisdom that only comes with age and directed positively, cultivates freedom and a wonderful life to be lived fully.

  Written by: Jane Ribinskas, Speaker & Author


About the Author

Jane Ribinskas offers over 25 years experience in the health & well being industry. She also offers Human Resources consulting. She started Yoga Concepts over 10 years ago and developed executive well-being for the corporate market. Jane runs Empowering Wellbeing workshops and international retreats. She speaks and presents at events and conferences, is featured in the media, and writes for magazines and international online health and lifestyle websites.

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