Night Sweats Keeping You Up?

With all that has been written about the reason for night sweats, the fact is simple. The reason for night sweats is simply a declining level of estrogen in a woman’s body during perimenopause and menopause

Typically, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was used to replace estrogen and alleviate the side effects of the menopause process.  However, recent studies show serious side effects, including cancer, heart disease, blood clots and strokes, from the use of HRT therapy.

Night sweats technically are called "nocturnal hyperhydrosis" and are defined as a perspiration disorder that occurs during sleep due to lower levels of estrogen.  Since the reason for night sweats is chemically driven, the ultimate solution unfortunately is supplementing the hormone estrogen which, as noted above, is dangerous.

The actual specific reason for night sweats is the fluctuating hormone levels cause a malfunction of the heat regulatory part of the brain which detects increased body temperatures and releases chemicals that cause the skin’s blood vessels to dilate – causing heavy sweating and the accompanying cold shiver.

Since HRT therapy is no longer considered a safe course of treatment, alternative “band aids” can be employed to lessen the impact of night sweats.

Things to Avoid – hot showers, caffeine, hot weather, spicy foods, alcohol, smoking, hot rooms, diet pills, hot drinks, anger, stress, and hot food.

Things to Do – take a cold shower before bed, avoid night sweat triggers, keep cold water handy, wear cotton night clothes, use cotton sheets, and lower the temperature in the sleeping quarters.

Another tool that is catching on that can offset the true reason for night sweats are all-natural lotions using herbs to supplant the role hormones played.  One such natural balancing cream can be found at and has a wide and satisfied following.

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