Mood Swings Got You Down?

med-1044-depressionOne of the early menopause symptoms are hormonal mood swings.  Menopause information reports that mood swings can start slowly with slight mood swings day-to-day or hour-to-hour, or there can be full onset of extreme mood swings from happy/elation to fear/anger/depression.  Natural hormone replacement therapy is one of the first recommended solutions for early menopause mood swings.

Hormonal mood swings are one of the major symptoms of being perimenopausal or menopausal.  In some women, menopause can be a rapid onset and mood swings are typically one of the early menopause symptoms.

There’s a wide scope of treatment recommendations for women going through menopause.  Much menopause information is available on the signs of menopause; most menopause information recommends including such things as complimentary therapies and conventional styles of medicine, however, most menopause common therapies possess side-effects and it is always questionable whether the side-effects outweigh the benefits.

Natural treatments such as progesterone, progesterone creams, and progesterone supplements are in vogue today due to the documented side-effects of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  In addition to mood swings, night sweats are also an early sign of menopause.  The progesterone-type products are generally called natural hormone replacement therapy substitutes and are often an effective menopause treatment.

It is highly recommended when mood swings and night sweats become problematic, a woman should begin with the simplest, mildest treatment for her menopause treatments that maintain the broadest benefit and the least number of side-effects.  When the symptoms of menopause (such as mood swings or night sweats) increase to higher levels of discomfort, a woman can slowly progress to stronger forms or doses of menopause treatment management if necessary.

Early menopause treatment should include natural hormone replacement therapy and exercise.  Exercise is a good example of a natural healing treatment for menopausal symptoms that comes with minimum drawbacks and actually provides other benefits, such as strengthening the heart and bones while controlling weight.

Estrogen treatment is at the most powerful end of the menopause symptoms/menopause treatment spectrum and, while not recommended as much as in the past, it is still a significant possibility especially for women without any history of breast cancer.  At risk are the long-term impacts of HRT are not fully known.

Hormonal mood swings are one of the most common early menopause symptoms and definitely a menopause symptom during full stage menopause. The site discusses, as well as any source on the internet, the current rage between natural hormone replacement therapy and drug-based hormone replacement therapy.  The site is must reading for women in the onset of perimenopause or experiencing full-stage menopause symptoms.

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