Menopause Made Easier

Senior Woman Using Laptop Relaxing Sitting On Sofa At HomeLearn from our guest blogger how changing your diet may relieve some of your troublesome menopause symptoms.

Go Natural for Menopause Relief

I work with many clients who are going through menopause. Many of the symptoms include weight gain, fatigue and hot flashes. For each person, relief can be achieved with a few changes in their diets. Hot flashes can be a result of toxicity. For many, dairy (not goat or raw or grass fed organic milk), red wine and other foods which can be laden with preservatives or added hormones you didn’t expect can cause hot flashes. If we can avoid those foods, we can minimize the hot flashes. Then include more leafy and dark green vegetables into your diet to help your liver and body detoxify better and clear out the toxins you have accumulated.

With a change in eating to clean foods, foods you are cooking vs. packaged foods or ready-to-eat frozen foods, you can minimize the ill effects of the hormonal changes your body is going through. You may also want to choose more organic foods, organic meats, chicken and eggs or even find a local co-op or produce source like a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) where fresh produce is like nothing you have ever seen or tasted.

It does not mean you will have to avoid these foods forever, but it will help during the transition. Try eating cleaner for a month or two and you will see a difference!

Joanna Chodorowska, Lead Nutrition Coach, Nutrition in Motion

About the Author:  Joanna Chodorowska is the lead nutritionist at Nutrition in Motion, specializing in using real foods to help your body heal. She incorporates real food choices: fresh vegetables, fruits in season, local produce and meats, etc and helps you connect your symptoms to your foods you eat. Food is your medicine! She helps you incorporate healthy every day into your every day schedule.

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