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Signs of MenopauseMenopause information is abundant on the topic of irregular periods. One of the signs of menopause is irregular periods.  Other signs of menopause we know include hot flashes, night sweats, and hormonal changes. A recent study of published menopause information presents the following summary on irregular periods.

Most women will probably suffer irregular periods at some point in their lifetime.  A woman’s life can be significantly disturbed by irregular periods, and the problem can worsen if not given the necessary attention. 

What Are Irregular Periods?

Periods can vary from 23-35 days but you are considered regular if your periods occur at roughly the same date every month.  At a certain age, the frequency between periods starts fluctuating considerably, making them extremely difficult or even impossible to track.

Irregular periods are also known as anovulatory periods.  This means that women do not properly develop and release a mature egg every month as they normally should.  Because all women respond differently, irregular periods can occur in different forms – irregular periods that affect frequency of menstruation, irregular periods that produce pain during menstruation, and irregular periods that affect quantity of menstruation.

What Causes Irregular Periods? 

The cause of irregular periods can be divided into psychological and physical.  Psychological are not as common as physical causes; in fact, it’s normally accepted that physical causes are responsible for irregular periods in most women.
Psychological causes of irregular periods are anxiety and other forms of emotions daily stress, overwork, and fatigue.  If these factors are not controlled, they can destabilize you emotionally, thus, affecting the balance of your bodily functions and initiating changes that will lead to irregular period.
Physical cause of irregular periods – Hormones, like estrogen and progesterone, have a definite effect on your menstruation since they regular the ovulation during the menstrual cycle.  Without a balanced level of these hormones in their bodies, women are unable to properly ovulate, resulting in abnormal menstruation that will lead to irregular periods.  This is why maintaining healthy hormone levels is important to avoid and control irregular periods.

What To Do About Irregular Periods? 

The first step is to determine whether your problem is physiological or physical.
Psychological– Irregular periods cause by anxiety, stress, overwork, and fatigue should be treated by scheduling rest, joy time, and integrating an exercise program in your daily routine.  Keep in mind that in most cases a combination of psychological and physical treatments is the best option.
Physical– Because irregular periods are probably caused by imbalanced hormonal levels, maintaining healthy amounts of hormones is a must.  There are several ways to manage irregular periods but the best way is by combining therapies such as “lifestyle approaches” and alternative medicine.


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